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    Cool Martz Comments--

    Claude Terrell has been impressive, and is very physical. He will be a factor, and gives us a physical presence inside.

    Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald are doing a great job, they keep improving. I remain pleased with the play of Brandon Manumaleuna and Roland Williams.

    Jaime Martin is solid in camp.

    Defensively, I like the look of our linebackers. They are playing well as a unit.

    Dexter Coakley is as advertised. He’s a pro, a refined player. Coakley and Chris Claiborne are going to do good things for us and run the defense very well.

    Both Jimmy Kennedy and Anthony Hargrove are having excellent camps. Kennedy is playing hard. Hargrove is keeping Orlando Pace busy.

    Pace and Hargrove going one-on-one is reminiscent of practices when Jackie Slater and Kevin Greene got after it.

    We should get Jerametrius Butler and Dusty McGrorty back in a week or so.

    The worst performance to date?

    There is no doubt the worst performances to date were registered last night. We bring rookies to sing every camp and this year’s group was the worst. It was the most horrendous performance in the history of the NFL. We had to go through seven guys to find somebody that could sing, the others should be fined they were so bad.

    Butler day-to-day

    By Nick Wagoner
    Senior Writer
    After a solid two days without any injured starters, cornerback Jerametrius Butler had to go and break the streak.
    Butler missed Saturday morning’s workout because of a right knee bruise, making him the first starter to sit out any of the workouts. The injury does not seem serious and Butler says he expects to be back on the field in short order.
    “It’s frustrating because I had a pretty good offseason,” Butler said. “I did more running, more lower body work so this injury kind of sets me back. But I am looking forward to getting rehab and getting better.”
    Butler injured the knee during Friday afternoon’s practice session. At the time, nobody knew it was a knee injury as it appeared Butler might have just been having problems dealing with the heat.
    Butler was defending Isaac Bruce during a blitz period when he planted wrong and stumbled on Bruce’s heel which tweaked the knee. Butler had an MRI on Friday night and it came back as just a bruise.
    “Right now I am day to day,” Butler said. “I am going to try to go tomorrow, if not I will just keep going day to day.”
    Butler led the Rams with five interceptions in 2004.
    OTHER INJURIES: Running back Dusty McGrorty and tackle Matt Morgan also missed all or part of Saturday morning’s workout.
    McGrorty suffered a strained knee at the end of Friday morning’s practice and was on the sidelines for the afternoon practice and Saturday’s morning session. Coach Mike Martz said he expects McGrorty to return soon.
    Morgan left Saturday’s practice early from what appeared to be problems with heat, but his status is unknown.
    TIMMERMAN UPDATE: Right guard Adam Timmerman is still recovering from a plethora of injuries and is being kept out of all contact drills.
    Timmerman is participating in some of the walkthrough drills that don’t require contact, but is not wearing full pads and is likely still a ways off from being ready for full contact.
    “What we’ll do with Adam is just go several weeks and keep him in shoulder pads,” Martz said. “He has got a lot of wear and tear on that body. We’ll get him in contact shape just before the season starts. The drill work and all of those things he’ll do, we just don’t want him to hit anybody yet.”
    FOOD CRITICS: For most of the first few days of training camp, the players and coaches have praised the move of training camp back to St. Louis. The crowds are larger, the players’ families are able to attend and the hotel is just across the street from Rams Park.
    Along with the new roof over their head and the location, the food service has also changed. In Macomb, the players, coaches and staff were fed by Western Illinois University’s food service staff and often treated to steak and even lobster dinners.
    So far in St. Louis the food, which is provided through the Sheraton Four Points Hotel, is receiving mixed reviews.
    Butler, for one, calls the food his only disappointment in moving back to St. Louis for camp.
    “One thing here, the food is different,” Butler said. “The Macomb food is a lot better. I’m not looking forward to this lunch right now.”
    Of course, receiver Torry Holt doesn’t necessarily agree with Butler’s assessment.
    “The food is fantastic,” Holt said. “In Macomb the food is good too, but the Sheraton they are doing an absolutely fabulous job. Hopefully they keep it going.”

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    maineram Guest

    Re: Martz Comments--

    Thank-you for the info and keep it coming !!!

    We're not worthy.....

    Maineram -

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    Re: Martz Comments--

    Hargrove is keeping Orlando Pace busy...Pace and Hargrove going one-on-one is reminiscent of practices when Jackie Slater and Kevin Greene got after it.
    This is a very different version of Hargrove than others have reported. More Martz hype, his rose-colored glasses view of things, or does he see something that others are missing?


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    Re: Martz Comments--

    I have been to camp twice and im very impressed with hargrove.. He beat pace on many occastions:clanram:

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    Re: Martz Comments--

    great news keep it coming for us poor souls over the pond

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    Re: Martz Comments--

    Quote Originally Posted by Chiledog
    This is a very different version of Hargrove than others have reported. More Martz hype, his rose-colored glasses view of things, or does he see something that others are missing?

    Actually, Martz' comment appears to be pretty consistent with what other outlets are reporting on Hargrove.

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    Re: Martz Comments--

    It's great to get the reports from the camp. Hargrove needs to be good, we haven't had a good history of draft picks under Martz so it's great to see some improvement.

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    Re: Martz Comments--

    Off topic: Dez, are you going to change the home page back to where it was a couple of days ago or three?

    Everything looks great -- it's just that I think the previous layout worked better, i.e., being able to see tje number of views, name of last poster, etc.

    If not, no problem. One can only enjoy the many features of ClanRam.

    Never taken for granted. Many thanks for everything. :bow:


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