I e-mailed Howard earlier this month, asking about whether or not his statements regarding Lovie were his opinion rather than him reporting what actually happened. His response: "Believe me, it's not merely opinion, concerning the issues I cited with Fletcher... I wouldn't present them the way I did if it were only opinion."

So believe what you want to believe, STL. I presented this stuff to try and provide more information regarding a discussion that took place. It's up to you what you do with it. But when three notable local media sources with access to the organization all say "this is how such-and-such went down," I'm pretty tempted to believe their version of it. If you don't, well, as I said, that's on you. You apparently have no problem believing the media when they support your views (see the SI article that cited Martz's role in personnel and now the PFW note), but for some reason, journalists closer to the team with more access that say something different aren't taken as seriously.

But you're right, the thread is past its prime in terms of debate, so I'm moving on.