Head Coach Mike Martz
Wednesday, September 1, 2004

(On goals for the fourth preseason game)
“I think in game three we just want our ones to have a good half and get them to play well. We wanted them to just start clicking, and that happened. We need to look at as many guys as we can in the second half, and see them compete. It will be the same goal here, but the ones won’t play as long. We’ll get them in early, but we are trying to look at as many guys as we can at this point. We need to make some decisions over the weekend, and there might be some guys that usually don’t play a quarter or two, get some significant time.”

(On position competitions)
“It’s very competitive in a couple of areas, there’s no question about it. That’s why some of these guys will play a great deal, they can kind of define themselves for the rest of the season.”

(On WR Kevin Curtis)
“He has shin splints, and after the game they seemed alright. But then he got out here and started running around and half way through practice they started getting aggravated. So we are going to try and back-off him a little bit. I don’t know what we are going to do about his shin splints, that’s something we haven’t had a lot. We’ll try to mess with his shoes, and they do tape up for shin splints, but he will be a guy that we will consider to play very little.”

(On S Tom Knight’s injury)
“He has a slight strain of the hamstring, nothing that is very significant. We will more than likely keep him out in this game.”

(On T Orlando Pace still not being at camp)
“To be honest with you I don’t think about it. This is our football team right now, I would just assume he’s not coming in. That’s his decision, and we’re moving on. You can’t let one player, no matter how good he is, or how good of a person he is, hold a team hostage waiting for him to come in. We have to move on, and get ready for September 12th.”

(On if there’s a momentum value to possibly winning your last two preseason games)
“I think so, I’ve always believed that. You would like to win your last games, but not to the extent of exposing Isaac (Bruce) or Torry (Holt) or a player like that longer than you need to. Otherwise you end up with a (CB Travis) Fisher deal. If that happens in the season, that’s life, but during the preseason, you’re getting so close, it makes you nervous.”

(On the defensive performance thus far)
“Well I think with two new coaches, and a new coordinator, the defense is beginning to understand his expectations, and he’s got them in the direction we want them to go. I think that is all chemistry and communication that is starting to come together at this point. It takes time to do that, and I think last week you could see the bonding in that group, the staff and players, the enthusiasm and execution. I’m very pleased at where they are at now.”