Head Coach Mike Martz
Monday, September 6, 2004

(On T Orlando Pace being back at practice)
Were all excited to have Orlando back, and I know he feels good about being back also. Its a relief to have him here, were all just very pleased hes here and we can get going.

(On Orlando Paces physical condition)
He came into camp this year 16 pounds lighter than he did last year. Hes obviously trained very well, and hes prepared himself to come to camp. Watching him out here at practice, hes a little rusty with some things, but hes a pretty unique individual.

(On if four practices is enough to get Orlando Pace ready for the game)
I guess it will have to be. We havent changed what we do, the calls or terms or anything. Some of the things that we do, in terms of protection, hes just has to get use to it. Weve been doing the same thing all these years, it hasnt changed, so its not like he just got here and is learning the offense.

(On signing S Zack Bronson)
Weve been interested in him for quite some time. We were interested last June and weve maintained our interest. Fortunately, Jay (Zygmunt) was able to get something done. Hes a veteran thats played at a high level for a long time in our division. Im excited about having him, I think he brings a great deal to us. Last year he had three injuries, and kind of struggled a little bit, but hes healthy now. Up until that point, he played at a very high level. Hes a guy that is going to have to get back in shape also. Obviously, were not asking him to come in and start right now, but within a short period of time, I think he should be in the swing of things. Hes been here through the weekend, studying the playbook, hes a sharp guy, and very professional. Were happy to have him.

On if experience was necessary to bring in someone at this point of the season)
The experience is necessary. You cant have too many young guys back there. These guys are back there making calls, and (Zack Bronson) has played and seen just about everything. With Zack, Aeneas (Williams), (Rich) Coady, and (Adam) Archuleta back there, you have four veteran safeties back there. And with young corners, thats important.

(On if carrying a lot of young players is now the norm in the NFL)
I think it is. Unfortunately, you cant afford to hold on to some of these guys. You lose them and you need to replace them constantly. You try to keep, what you think, are the core players. Its just the way the league is, and everybody is in the same boat.

(On being pleased with the draft class so far)
I think (Ive been pleased). There have been a couple surprises. Obviously Steven (Jackson) has made a very big impact in the preseason. Probably, better than I even anticipated. (Brandon) Chillar (and Jackson) have had the biggest impact, and the rest of those guys should be fine.

(On opening the season at home)
It seems so long ago that we did open up at home. It was the Monday Night Football game against the Broncos (in 2000). That was my first game as coach, so it has been a long time. I think it does make a difference.

(On RB Marshall Faulks motivation)
I think when you are a competitor and a world class athlete like Marshall is, I think anytime you have someone behind, it helps. But thats not his motivation. He plays to his own standard, and I think he has himself ready to go this year. I thought he had a great preseason.

(On if it is noticeable around the office that the regular season is about to start)
There is a different demeanor around everyone, like a sense of urgency. But today is such a busy day with all of the personnel moves that go on. Well settle into this thing more on Wednesday, but theres always a transition period like that. But, you can feel that.

(On expanding the practice squad)
I was in favor of expanding the practice squad. If you use it right, it can really help you. You can bring guys up instead of having to go out and find someone in free agency. It allows you to develop people to replace guys you are going to lose. If you lose a guy after four years, then you have a guy on the practice squad who you think can come right in and play. I think its very important. For those guys on the practice squad, if you dont think the have a chance to play one day, then they dont belong here.