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    Martz on the Mike

    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Friday, October 1, 2004

    (On DT Jimmy Kennedy)
    Hes fine, hes been completely cleared. Which means hes about two weeks away. Hes going to start running next week, but hes a long way away from being in football shape. Hes two weeks probably from having contact, a little press and drive off that thing. Its healed very quickly, and its further along than youd anticipate. Thats real good news for us, and were going to have him back a little bit earlier then we anticipated.

    (On Kennedy improving the depth)
    Who knows what hell bring inside. When he got injured he was just beginning to learn how to play inside and do the things we want him to do. Hes a good size, physical guy, and hes really improved his strength remarkably. So who knows what hell do, its up to him. He has the opportunity now, within the next few weeks, to really start working to get back.

    (On if LB Robert Thomas practiced today)
    Were trying to take it easy on that bad ankle. Its a minor ankle, its a lower ankle sprain. If you do too much on it, it will be puffy and swollen most of the week. Well let him get a lot of reps on Friday. Trev Faulk came back and he needed to work. So that combined with the fact that Trev needed to work, gives us an opportunity to sit him down for a little bit. We also had a chance to get (Brandon) Chillar some work inside. As the season goes on, and the linebacking crew, if those guys get nicked, those guys have all got to be kind of interchangeable. Having Trev back is a big issue. Hes an inside guy, that has practiced here all year, and to have him back obviously helps us.

    (On CB Travis Fisher)
    They did a scan on him, and theyre very pleased. Hes probably about two weeks away or so. They are just concerned about the strength, the bulk of the muscle and the forearm, so he doesnt re-fracture it. Its healed very nicely, so hes pretty much on schedule. Hes out here doing everything, moving around and back peddling, doing all the things you have to do to stay in shape. They wont completely release him for contact until they test it to make sure its ready to go, and he has strength.

    (On ***** Head Coach Dennis Erickson saying hes up till three in the morning with the Rams shifting and motions)
    Well we do a little bit of it. Were getting better. The thing Im most pleased with is the offensive line. I thought the last game they played exceptionally well. Theyre gelling, and everything is kind of falling into place again, and Im very pleased with their progress. Its gone from the biggest question mark and worry in preseason, to being one of our more solid attributes of this team right now.

    (On T Grant Williams play versus vs. New Orleans)
    One of the plays wasnt his fault. It was a screwed up route downfield, and Marc (Bulger) pulled the ball back and got sacked. The other play he just got beat, so he got beat once. Hes played very well, and the transition for him from left to right is pretty substantial. His whole career hes been over on the left-hand side. Thats not an easy thing to do, get in a different stance then you have been your whole career. I couldnt be more pleased with Grant, I think hes playing very well.

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    Re: Martz on the Mike

    How about all of those penalties on Williams and the O line, Mike...huh? Are ya pleased with that? Hopefully, you have "fixed it" so it won't happen this week.

    Go Rams!!!

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