Head Coach Mike Martz
Tuesday, October 12, 2004

(Opening statement)
“Obviously this is a terrific win for this football team and organization. It means a lot in many respects. We are getting better, they did not get disillusioned. There were a lot of young players that learned how to compete, and stay in it. We had some players show up in this game that made plays to help us win this game. Guys like (Shaun) McDonald, Kevin Curtis, of course Brandon (Manumaleuna) with his touchdown catch, and Steven Jackson. DeJuan Groce came in and just did an outstanding job. We’re making progress, and we’re getting better. I know the first half didn’t turn come out the way any of us wanted, but they didn’t give up. When we went in at halftime, it was what we needed to do, it’s a step-by-step process, and here’s how we need to go about it, and they weren’t discouraged, and of course they were able to get the job done. I was very happy and pleased with the effort and how hard they played in the second half. When we had to make a play, somebody made a play. I was very pleased with the effort of the offensive line, particularly Grant Williams in the second half. He gave up a sack in the first half, and a rush on that side, but he came back in the second half and was outstanding on the right side. He was a major reason that Marc (Bulger) was able to move around and make some of the throws that he did. It was a great effort overall as a football team. I though special teams was very solid, the punt return was huge, and I though we covered their kickoffs very well. It was just a solid effort on the kickoff returns. It was Sean Landeta’s best effort so far, in my opinion, in terms of punting the ball. He had great hang time and distance, and there was only one return. Second half, we just need to continue from there, and continue to build. Offensive player of the game, although he had three interceptions, is Marc Bulger. To have three interceptions and to come back and compete and to play at the level that he did, and make those kinds of plays under pressure, is clearly a statement about not just what type of person he is, but the incredible player that he is. Special teams wise, Eric Flowers, four tackles on special teams, just an incredible job. Just a special mention for Trev Faulk again, he had three (tackles). Our defensive player of the game, Tommy Polley, with 10 tackles and a pass broken up. Just a great comeback by Tommy, he was out with a fractured rib, and did a great job coming back and making his presence felt on this football team. All in all obviously it was a terrific win for us, but as all games at this point, we have to have a short memory and get ready for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here on Monday night.”

(On Seattle’s defense on third down)
“They changed quite a bit on third downs. They changed every third down. One was pressure, one was two, one was four, one was man, they changed everything. It all starts in one particular area, and that’s the front, and that’s the offensive line. If he (Marc Bulger) can hold the ball to make the throw, he’s going to make that throw and we’ll catch it, and that’s the bottom line. Like the last play of the game, when they came after us with everybody, and he hangs in there. It’s just a terrific effort by the offensive line, and by Steven Jackson who blocked a blitzer. And since Marc knows the blitz is picked up, he can feel them picked up, he can hang in there and make the deep throw, which of course ends up a touchdown.”

(On QB Marc Bulger)
“I wish you could all know him the way I know him. When he comes off and talks about an interception that just happened, he’ll say ‘I know that I did that, here’s how we fix that, what do you think about this.’ You like him to be that way. He’s got a short memory about that stuff. He’s excited about what he can do and the potential of what he can do in the passing series, and gets himself ready for the next series.”

(On if they made any second half adjustments)
“Yeah, we’re so smart. Didn’t you know that? No, the guys just played so well. They just came back and played hard and fought their rear-ends off, and made plays. Players make plays. You do what you can to put them in position to make a play, and the second half we were making plays on both sides of the ball. We talked about such a great comeback on offense in the second half, but none of this would have been possible without the terrific effort by our defense in the second half. We threw an interception over there on the sideline, and gave them great field position, and we held them to a field goal. That wins the game for us. The three-and-outs at the end, the third-and-one at the very end of the game, where we stack them up and they don’t get it. The intensity just really picked up in the second half. I do know this, coming back from San Francisco, last week in practice our execution was terrific, but we were a tired football team. We got into that game, and once we got going, the emotion took over, and they got going pretty good. The fight that’s in this group is pretty incredible.”

(On if playing back-to-back West Coast road games takes a lot out of a team)
“It does. And they’re both division games, both big games obviously. To win on Sunday night and then turn around and go back out there and play a team that has had two weeks to prepare for you. That says a lot about these guys, it really does. This week, since it is a Monday night game, they’ll have an extra day to rest. We’re not going to practice until Thursday. I think it’s important to let them recover. We’ll meet with the team Wednesday morning and go over the film. Our Thursday practice will be a Wednesday practice, our Friday will be a Thursday, etc.”

(On where this game ranks)
“I think it is obviously at the top of the list. Right there next to the ’99 Super Bowl I would say. This was such a thrill to watch these guys. Just to be on the sideline and watch their attitude, and how the responded to everything, and how positive they stayed throughout the game, even the first half.”

(On the matchup between T Orlando Pace and Seahawks’ DE Grant Wistrom)
“I thought Orlando played very well. Obviously, I think he’s the best tackle in the league, that’s how I look at him. I think Grant is a great defensive end. I think it was a terrific battle.”

(On running the ball to open up the second half)
“That was one of the reasons why we threw the ball early in the game so much. As it got away from us, score wise, we came back in at half time, and had to slow things down a little bit. We felt like we should run the ball. That was the reasoning, we felt like our match-ups inside were pretty good.”

(On knowing when WRs Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald were ready to make a difference)
“You don’t know, really, until you put them on the field in key situations like this, where they have to make a play to win the game. They just kind of blend in and make plays during the game. But when they make plays that are a major reason why you won the game, then you know that they are at that point where everyone gets excited.”

(On Curtis and McDonald getting support from the veterans)
“I just think that (the veterans) really care about these guys, and where they are going. They are excited for them as teammates.”

(On when he felt the momentum shifted)
“The drive when we came out, we didn’t even get points out of it, but the drive where we ran the ball, and ran the ball on third down several times and got first downs, at that point, I felt that if we got the ball back, we could have some success. Our players came off the field and had a different look about them. They were energized, even though we didn’t get points out of it. Then defensively, we stopped them and got them out of there. You just feed off all of these things. And of course, the punt return excited everybody.”

(On the kickoff coverage)
“They did a great job. That goes back to having the same guys on (kickoff coverage) every week, more than anything else. Injuries can prevent that sometimes, but as long as we can keep that stable we should have real good success. Again, there are some big guys running down there that are awfully hard to block. We have defensive linemen that can run. Guys like Erik Flowers, Tony Hargrove, and Trev Faulk, who are violent guys, and it’s hard for smaller guys to block.”

(On the team’s resolve)
“In camp, there is a formula that we talked about from the beginning about how to build this team and where we are going with it. We talked about the things that we needed to get done before the season started. It’s kind of a pyramid. It’s kind of a take off from the John Wooden (pyramid of success). We knew that we would have problems early in the season. There are a lot of issues. There are personnel options, we are bringing guys on our team, safeties, offensive linemen. We had back surgery, and this and that. We have a new defense we are trying to adjust to. You just have to have resolve to see your way through that, because there is going to be an awfull lot of criticism, believe it or not. If you don’t have that type of resolve, you won’t make it through. They understand that, and they have been really good about that. We never hammered it into (the players’ heads). We just talk about it. And either they believe what you say, or they don’t. That’s just the type of people you have. I’ve never had to hammer anything into anybody’s head. Those are the kind of people that you want sitting in those chairs during the team meetings, that are professionals with integrity and character, that listen to what you have to say. You talk to them man to man. We have great leadership on this team that believes that. And I think because they believe that, it pulls a lot of guys along too. They understand the needs and where we are going, and they believe in it. They believe in each other, and that’s the most important thing. I think that’s a great start. I think (getting the team to believe) is my job. That’s what I’m supposed to do. We’re not there. We won a game. We are a long ways away. We had a great win. We have a lot of season left, and there are still a lot of bumps in this road to go. We haven’t matured like we need to, and we are not where we need to be, or want to be, or will be. But we are making progress and we believe in what we are doing, and that’s the most important thing.”

(On if he thought about taking a shot in the end zone with :13 on the clock)
“There was 13 seconds left in the game. You take a sack there, you get a deflected ball that’s picked off, this team has come from incredible odds to get to that point. Do you know what that would do to this team? That would destroy us. It would’ve destroyed us. To not give them the opportunity to continue to play and win the game in overtime, would just be unethical, in my opinion. Here you have, to me, the greatest kicker in league today. I know Wilkins, he’s money, he’s going to make that kick. We push it into overtime. We have over 300 yards in the second half. Our defense had shut them down. They hadn’t gotten a first down, and they couldn’t convert a third down. There was no question in my mind (to kick the field goal). Our special teams had been outstanding, we had a punt return. The odds are, if you have to play defense or offense, you are going to win that game, just tie it up and get it into overtime. And that’s why we did that.”

(On if take aways are a concern)
“After the fact, absolutely, it’s always a concern because it’s the most significant fact in terms of winning and losing. We try like crazy. We are trying to get that ball taken away, and we are trying to protect the ball as much as we can. That’s the negative that we are trying to solve. That’s a big deal that we are trying to solve, and hopefully we can get a handle on that. But that’s a big issue to me.”