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    Martz says Rams worked against fake

    By Bill Coats
    Of the Post-Dispatch
    The Rams worked Friday on defending a fake field goal by New England. They even covered the possibility of the kicker taking a quick snap and tossing a pass toward a wide receiver on the sideline.

    "We'd practiced that," coach Mike Martz said Monday. "Walked through it, talked about it, ran it."

    And sure enough, the play unfolded Sunday early in the third quarter at the Edward Jones Dome. "The exact same thing," Martz noted. But rather than being ready for it, the flummoxed Rams were caught flat-footed.

    As they milled about the line of scrimmage, long snapper Lonie Paxton zipped the ball to kicker Adam Vinatieri, whose toss to a wide-open Troy Brown on the left side resulted in a 4-yard touchdown.

    Instead of a field goal making it 22-14, the Patriots' lead ballooned to 26-14. A 40-22 loss dropped the Rams (4-4) into second place in the NFC West, with pacesetting Seattle (5-3) coming to town Sunday.

    While viewing the game tape, Martz discerned the fatal flaw on the fake kick: Cornerbacks Jerametrius Butler and Dwight Anderson were scurrying to switch sides so that Anderson's sore shoulder would be protected in the rush scheme. No one was within 10 yards of Brown when the ball floated into his arms.

    "Not too much to say about that," defensive end Leonard Little said. "It's another mistake we made."

    The most egregious error on that play was the failure to call a timeout, Martz said, even though the players on the field noticed that something was up. "They recognized it, but they were caught in the middle changing over. It was a comedy of errors," Martz said. "You can't blame it on the two corners. We should have enough experience here that ... you need to see it and just burn a timeout. It's just inexcusable, really. I'm really kind of at a loss for words on that one."

    Upon further review

    As he promised to do, Martz phoned Mike Pereira, the NFL's supervisor of officials, on Monday morning. Martz probably brought up several areas of concern, but it's a good bet that a non-call on Pats linebacker Mike Vrabel, who clobbered sliding Rams quarterback Marc Bulger, was at the top of his agenda.

    That was particularly galling for the Rams because Little later received a dubious 15-yard, roughing-the-passer penalty for hitting New England quarterback Tom Brady just after the ball had been released. Martz wouldn't disclose the details of his chat with Pereira, but he said he was satisfied with the talk.

    Problems vs. running game

    Only four teams in the NFL are yielding more rushing yards per game than the Rams, which throws their next three games into the "Yikes!" category.

    Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander is the No. 3 rusher in the league, with 879 yards. He piled up 150 yards on Oct. 10, when the Rams rallied for a 33-27 overtime win in Seattle.

    Next up is Buffalo's Willis McGahee, who has topped 100 yards in each of his three starts, including a 132-yard effort Sunday against the New York Jets. And then the Rams face Green Bay's Ahman Green, whose 719 yards rank him eighth in the NFL.

    Martz said he talked to defensive coordinator Larry Marmie "for quite some time" Monday morning about the team's problems defending the run. While declining to go into detail, Martz said: "I think I have a pretty good understanding, looking at the tape, what we need to do. I think I have a pretty good feel for that."

    Although Martz indicated earlier in the season that players were getting caught out of position, he said, "That's not the issue right now. The results are the same, just a different scenario."

    Last season, the Rams ranked 16th in rush defense.

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    Re: Martz says Rams worked against fake

    After you read this article, tell me that martz was "outcoached" by bellechick on the fake. Bottom line, our players are not executing even when they are coached to do so. Martz can only warn them about the fake and practice against it, which he apparantly did, he cant get out on the field and cover troy brown.

    general counsel

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    Re: Martz says Rams worked against fake

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel
    Martz can only warn them about the fake and practice against it, which he apparantly did, he cant get out on the field and cover troy brown.
    No denying this point. BUT, it is a matter of discipline. It's like playing the gaps. You play your position. You can't worry about others playing theirs unless you are the captain. So two things come from this:

    One, is that apparently Fisher and Butler think they have discretion to change things as it suits them. That comes from coaching or the lack thereof by someone. If they are coddling themselves they have no business being on the field let alone making decisions.

    Two, it is obvious the D and/or STs is without a bona fide leader on the field who has the vision, sense, and respect to command a squad. That also is a reflection of coaching.

    So as easy as it is to blame the players (and there is no question they should be fired), the anarchy on the field is from the lack of discipline instilled in the players. He can rant and rave in the press all he wants, but that can't hide the fact that his message is either not clear or not being communicated clearly throughout the parts or not being listened to.

    When the coach's persona is to be cavilier with regard to turnovers, timeouts, and fraternizing, it is bound to rub off on the players. When you can crush an opponent without a stable secondary and a 3-man rush, you can be cavilier. I know Belichick. And sMartz is no Belichick. sMartz has no call to be cavalier.

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    Re: Martz says Rams worked against fake

    If they practiced it and were expecting it, then there's no excuse for not recognizing it.

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    Re: Martz says Rams worked against fake

    The trick plays and fakes helped a rotten Miami team win and it worked for the Pats too. It is hard to actually try to pratice a fake Because that will take you out position to play the real thing , If you understand the game at a player level be it high school , college , whatever. So it is kind of moot! Just be ready for anything!

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