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    Martz should hold his pal accountable --- Bernie the dolt

    Martz should hold his pal accountable
    By Bernie Miklasz
    Of the Post-Dispatch
    Sunday, Jan. 16 2005

    ATLANTA - It was the kind of sorry, no-account effort that would, under normal
    circumstances, get a defensive coordinator fired.

    Unless, of course, you are the head coach's pal.

    Rams defensive coordinator Larry Marmie may not have a job for life, but surely
    head coach Mike Martz will bring him back. It will be a long offseason for
    Marmie. He will incur the wrath of Rams fans, and he will wonder why he
    couldn't get his guys to play hard with the stakes so high.

    In one of the most pathetic defensive performances in NFL postseason history,
    the Rams were run out of football's Vicksburg, all but cowering under the
    extreme force of Atlanta's unique, multi-dimensional running attack.

    What happened Saturday night in Atlanta was ludicrous ... or with a nod to
    Atlanta's hip-hop star, Ludacris.

    In Atlanta's absurdly easy 47-17 victory, the Martz-Marmie combination was
    ravaged for 327 yards rushing. The Falcons side-stepped fallen Rams defenders
    to advance to the NFC Championship Game.

    Tripping and suffering a fluke injury was about the only risk for Atlanta's
    "DVD" production team of halfback Warrick Dunn, quarterback Michael Vick and
    power back T.J. Duckett. Vick could have broken an ankle trying to skip and hop
    over Rams scattered around the floor of the Georgia Dome.

    "We are sick right now," Rams safety Antuan Edwards said.

    Actually, they should have called in sick.

    Falcons coach Jim Mora must have gone temporarily mad because he took a foolish
    risk in leaving Vick in the game for as long as he did. Mora could have had
    Vick take a knee in the final two minutes to run out the clock, but Mora tacked
    on another TD instead. Was heaping a little extra embarrassment on Martz really
    so important?

    Fortunately for Atlanta, Vick left the building unscathed, and virtually
    untouched. The Rams couldn't even rent this DVD, let alone tackle it.

    "It felt like we were playing with handcuffs on," Rams defensive end Bryce
    Fisher said.

    Now and then, the Falcons showed mercy by attempting a pass. Usually teams try
    to avoid running up the score by keeping the ball on the ground. Not this time.
    On the ground, the Falcons ran it up and rubbed it in.

    Marmie apparently schooled the Rams defenders on the rules of two-hand touch
    football because they barely hit anyone all evening. There's more physical
    contact in the Atlanta nightclubs. The Falcons smacked the Rams defense in the
    mouth, opened a few cuts, and the Rams' defensive squad all but fled to
    Savannah ... soon followed by the Rams' punt-coverage unit, which was
    humiliated by returner-sprinter Allen Rossum.

    How helpless were the Rams?

    "Our linebackers and safeties were calling out the plays the Falcons were going
    to run," Fisher said. "And we still couldn't stop them. They shoved it down our

    Well, so much for the illusion that the Rams had reinvented themselves,
    supposedly morphing from an 8-8 pile of mediocrity into a Super Bowl contender.
    The Rams discovered early that this wasn't Seattle. The fast and furious
    Falcons are the new generation of offense. They picked up the baton that the
    dazzling Rams' offense (1999-2001) dropped.

    This brought back memories of covering the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. The
    Falcons were a track team, leaping over Rams disguised as high hurdles. Dunn
    won the gold, Vick the silver and Duckett the bronze.

    On defense, and on punt coverage, the Rams tried to play a game of tag ... and
    lost. That was unforgivable. Yes, this defense lacks muscle and big-play
    ability, so deficiencies will be exposed. This team doesn't have one linebacker
    capable of stepping into the hole to intimidate with a thundering hit. But
    limitations aside, where was the desire to compete? This is the NFL postseason.
    Surrender isn't an option. You give it all you have or turn in your helmet and
    find a new career.

    "The team showed a lot of character this season to make it to the playoffs,"
    defensive tackle Ryan Pickett said. "We could have thrown in the towel, but we
    fought back."

    Not on Saturday; this fight was stopped early. The Rams defense didn't come
    close to putting their hearts on the line. As Fox analyst Daryl Johnston said
    of the Rams' defense in the first half: "They are not playing. They are not
    matching the intensity of the Falcons."

    And that was an understatement.

    Players on the Rams defense should feel ashamed after watching gutsy teammate
    Marc Bulger never lose his will as he absorbed terrible punishment. In passing
    for 299 yards and two touchdowns, Bulger revealed more toughness and courage
    than every member of the Rams defense combined. Bulger endured a vicious
    beating, and appears to have played the second half with a broken thumb. But he
    always got up to go at the Falcons again. How can the defensive personnel look
    Bulger in the eye?

    Physical ambivalence aside, the Rams' defense also seemed to line up
    incorrectly at times, shifting into fronts that the Falcons easily exploited.

    That's why it's fair to hold Marmie accountable. His defense wasn't prepared.
    Not emotionally, not strategically, not in any way. It was a total failure.

    In the past Martz hasn't hesitated to fire a special teams coach for
    disgraceful, unacceptable results. Question: Will Martz apply the same standard
    to his buddy Marmie?

    Saturday night, the Rams defense handed out free passes to the Falcons. I'm
    sure Martz managed to save one for Marmie.

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    Re: Martz should hold his pal accountable --- Bernie the dolt

    unfortunatly, for once I agree with this dolt.

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    Re: Martz should hold his pal accountable --- Bernie the dolt

    me too, As we call for marmies head, I reckon martz won't do it, it will be upto Shaw to put pressure on him.....god I hope he does........ :bored:

    I also agree with the statment" How could the d look bulger in the face" ... the d just stunk things up............

    steve :ramlogo:

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    maineram Guest

    Re: Martz should hold his pal accountable --- Bernie the dolt

    Well maybe Martz won't fire Marmie, maybe after looking at the game tape today, he'll resign.


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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Martz should hold his pal accountable --- Bernie the dolt

    Since playing with a loaded deck in 2000/2001, Martz has coached the team to a 27-21 record. Three winning years and two non-winning years overall. A losing record in the playoffs (3-4). Has the team gotten better since he took over or not?

    Martz better find some consistency soon or he won't be the one deciding which coach is going to get fired.

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    Re: Martz should hold his pal accountable --- Bernie the dolt

    As it seems to be the trend on struggling teams, look for management to reel Martz in and take away some of his decision-making authority. In the end, it might be the best thing for him. He needs some strong coordinator leadership to assist him in getting this team motivated and better prepared.

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    rampete Guest

    Re: Martz should hold his pal accountable --- Bernie the dolt

    marmie should be held accountable for the miserable performance by his defensive group...but the players didn't do anything to mute the concern that they can't tackle well...

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    Re: Martz should hold his pal accountable --- Bernie the dolt

    Marmie really pissed me off. I couldn't believe some of the formations we were lining up in. We had like 6 foot gaps sometimes between our Ends and DT's. What the hell is that lineup against a running team?!?!?!?! Also, gotta love 3rd and 10. Brilliant Marmie goes for a soft zone with a 3 man rush and an easy first down. Ugh, I hope Marmie either resigns or gets fired because he let down the entire team last night.

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    Re: Martz should hold his pal accountable --- Bernie the dolt

    This was my fear. The fear that the defense wasn't improving but hit a soft spot in the road, or specifically three soft spots - Philly (practice squad), Jets (Hackett's worst offensive scheme of the season), and the Seahawks (the biggest bunch of underachievers in the NFL). This game better be an eye opener. We need to fill a few holes, but the biggest hole is at Defensive Coordinator.

    Fire Marmie. Get on with the offseason.


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