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    Maybe Haslett does care?

    and gets to pay for his caring...

    Posted by Mike Florio on November 26, 2008, 8:19 p.m.
    Even as Jim Haslett feels his shot at keeping the Ramsí coaching job beyond the 2008 season slipping through his hands via a five-game losing streak, itís nevertheless important to exercise restraint.

    He failed in that regard during Week Elevenís 35-16 loss to the *****, and now heíll pay for it.

    Haslett has been fined $20,000 for entering the field and directing profanities at a game official, according to Mike Sando of

    Frankly, we assumed that coaches directed profanities at officials on a regular basis.

    Maybe theyíre only calling them overofficious jerks.


    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Maybe Haslett does care?

    So those guys for the Pats and Phins that FOUGHT get fined 15,000, and yelling gets fined 20,000.
    I'm really about tired of Roger Goodell, how does Haslett yelling at refs classify as MORE SEVERE than a fight (and a pretty good one at that)?

    I do think Haslett cares, and I'm glad to see him showing his frustration with the team and refs, as I think that confirms he's doing his best.

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    Re: Maybe Haslett does care?

    Roger is pro-Patriots- I think he's proven that more than once. As for Haslett- the players should pool their money together and pay this fine. It's their uninspired play that's causing him so much distress. With that said, I think instances like this spell the end to Haslett in St. Louis. It's obvious the players have stopped responding to him like they did with Linehan and he's not enough of an X's and O's coach to make up that up with schemes or gameplans. I would expect some more explosions coming from and fines traveling towards Big Red before this season is over. He can't possibly watch this team play and still manage to maintain his sanity.

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