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    Maybe he is our new OC ?

    Maybe the Rams gave him an out for a year . He wasn't staying in DALLAS right ! If no-one was making him the HC offer , maybe this is just a stop until next year , when some more interested teams take a look . If the Rams were to be sold in a year or two , who knows .

    i know it is ridiculas , but it was fun too get you guy's riled up . it's good .

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    Re: Maybe he is our new OC ?

    With as little info as we have on the situation right now, I have two ideas of what could be happening.

    1. He's our future HC. Fine with me.

    2. We actually already have one of the other guys but since they haven't signed a contract yet, they don't want to make an announcement yet. However, one of those guys wants Garret as an OC, so they're bringing him in for contract talks too.


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