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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Meet our New Coach !! ?

    I listened to a LONG pre-game show on the Radio before the NYG and Redskins game. The coaches on the Redskins
    from Gibbs down were crediting Gregg Williams with the Redskins resurgence. The Radio guy stated the questions like Gregg Williams will be gone after the season for a HC position.

    The guy is intriguing and then to hear every coach and player in pre-game praise the guy, it's impressive.

    The more you watch the Rams play, the more a Defensive guy makes sense. Our Defense needs to be totally retooled.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Meet our New Coach !! ?

    Possibly Greg Williams coming here?

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Meet our New Coach !! ?

    They asked Williams do you favor St. Louis, NO, or DET?

    He didn't answer .. He said he was focused on the Redskins . I think he's got a special title.. like Assistant HEad Coach.

    He's done a lot in Washington though.


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