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    Re: Micheal Crabtree...

    The assessment of the o line is kind of funny. Barron has given up 5 sacks this year Goldberg gave up 3 in his only start. With all the injuries and Pace already reaching the top of the mountain there is a big chance he retires. We have Bell and Grecco at the guards and nothing at center. Cogs and Setterstrom unrestricted FA's. In my eyes we have guards and thats about it.

    Thats why I say we throw boat loads of cash at Carolina's Jordan Gross who could get away because they have to keep Peppers and also want to keep Gamble their lockdown corner. Then we sign a vet center like Brad Meester to anchor the young line. Then you draft a Fenuki Tupou to play RT in the second round.

    LT- Gross
    LG- Bell
    C- Meester
    RG- Grecco
    RT- Tupou

    That oppens it up for the defense. Crabtree is nice, but I don't agree with going with him with the terrible defense. In this situation IMO it has to come down to Laurantis or Jenkins. Even though Jenkins is the hotter prospect I give the slight edge to the Animal. Here is why the rams have drafted a ton of cornerbacks the past years. You also could argue Line backer is the second biggest need behind the OL. Over the past few years linebackers in the first round have made the biggest impact. Patrick Willis, Jerod Mayo, Ernie Sims, Jon Beason, and A.J. Hawk. 3 out of those 5 play in the middle. These guys make an immediate impact and istantly improve defenses.

    Noone has played as well at Laurantis at LB this year. He is a primtime playmaker with great speed. He will rack up sacks and picks at LB. He has great sideline speed and reads, reacts, and tackles extremly well unlike Rey Mauluga.

    here is how i see it

    Defensive Draft
    1. James Lauranatis, MLB, OSU
    2. Fenuki Tupou, OT, Oregon
    3. Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State
    4. Devin Moore, RB, Wyoming
    5. Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly
    6. Brandon Swain, DE, Western Texas A&M
    7. Antonio Appleby, LB, Virginia

    Unrestricted Free Agents
    Jordan Gross, OT, Panthers
    OJ Otogwe, FS, Rams
    Atari Bigby, SS, Packers
    Ron Bartell, CB, Rams
    Brad Meester, C, Jaguars
    Gabe Watson, NT, Cardinals

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    Re: Micheal Crabtree...

    If we sign three good offensive line players in the free agency then I will be for drafting Crabtree. But until we fix that line, we can't be taking a player like that.

    Who knows, maybe the draft in 2010 we can go for a top wide receiver, but this next one, our first pick should be an OT. If thats not an option, MLB.

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    Re: Micheal Crabtree...

    Man if we could pick up Jordan Gross I would flip. Thats a dang good O line, imho, that you just put together 39. In that situation I would definitely go with Crabtree and reestablish the GSOT.

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    Re: Micheal Crabtree...

    Unless a non OL or DL BPA helps us trade for help on the lines, I'm against it.

    We need a plan & to be proactive ,rather than reactive to fulfill it.
    I'm tired of this team allowing every obstacle to either trip them up or change their direction.

    Taking a player like Crabtree, good as he may be, would be as much a waste as Randy Mcmichael has been.

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