Well, now pass the half way point, we have enough info to think about improvements to personnel. here is how I see offseason for the roster:


WRs: Holt, Bruce, Curtis? resign Curtis, draft WR in midrounds (3rd -4th round) need some development here.
TE: Klop, Walker, Byrd - fine here, except maybe vet blocker if cheap
RBs: Jackson, Fisher, Davis let Fisher, Davis go, sign a vet RB and draft later round RB (4-5th )
FB: Smith, Hedgecock, whos healthy this weak? sign FB around 3rd round (Leonard from Rutgers would be nice)
T: Pace, Barron sign vet backup, draft late round developmental tackle (5th-7th)
G: Steussie, Timmerman, Setterstrom give Sett a chance to start; spend high choice here 2nd or 3rd)
C: Incognito fine here
QB: Bulger, Frerotte, Fitz fine here


DE: Little, Adeyanju critical need, 1st round draft choice + resign Little
DT: Glover, Kennedy, Wooten Wooten should be better, Kennedy? - would love a FA signing here of a run stopper.
LB : Witherspoon, Pisa, Chillar high draft choice 1st or 2 for a strongside LB (I still cant believe they didnt grab Brooks in the supplemental for a 3rd round pick, or someone like Fujita as a FA)
CB: Fisher, Hill, Brown Brown and Hill should start, would love another big CB, either draft or FA, but running out of picks. Id concentrate on front 7 for draft. Boy I wish Bartell could fill the bill.
S: OJ, Brown, Bartell, Carter fine here
K, P: Wilkins, Turk fine for both, FA punter if Turk retires.

So not knowing the draft class here are my positions (I dont know the exact picks so may have more or less picks in draft). Philosophy of draft: Get people who can help pressure the passer and stop the run, start developing people to fill in on O in later rounds.

1st: DE or SLB
2nd: DE or SLB
3rd: WR
4th: FB
5th: G
6th: RB
7th: DT

FA targets: CB, DT, OT, TE