Mike Holmgren comments following the Rams game

Opening comments: "Well, thatís a tough way to lose a football game. As good as we were in the first half, I thought we were average to below average in the second half. Give the Rams credit, they hung in there. I still thought we were in pretty good shape when we kicked the field goal to go up 27-10. But they made big plays, that didnít consume much of the clock, and really that was the story at the end."

Q: Did the defense possibly let up after getting the big lead?
Holmgren: "Iím not sure. I thought our defense played a really fine first half. Trufant made a really fine interception in the second half. As Iíve said all along, weíre quite young, and we have to learn to handle being ahead in a game as well as being behind in a game in close situations. Weíll talk to them about that. The one thing thatís really good is that theyíre very honest. Weíll look at the film and see where we could have done better."

Q: Were you a little too conservative on offense in the second half?
Holmgren: "In a normal set of circumstances, the way we were playing defense, I didnít expect them to score so quickly. We had been pretty good at making them drive the ball and not giving up big plays. We had a couple of chances to complete passes and we didnít. That is something I will look at, too. For the game to come out the way it did, what had to happen happened. A long punt return, a couple long plays. In a normal type of situation, I donít think they had enough time, but certainly we have to coach to that, because they got it. They did it."

Q: What happened on the Seahawks final drive at the end of regulation?
Holmgren: "We completed one, and we should have completed another. We had Bobby [Engram] wide open over the middle. They were bunching a bunch of guys up there to stop the run, so we threw it. I have confidence in our ability to do that. We hit one and missed one."

Q: You threw the ball on the last two plays of regulation.
Holmgren: "We talked about that on the sidelines. We had one play to gain four or five yards, and if we complete the ball the game is over, so I thought we should try that."

Q: Is this a lesson learned that statistics donít always mean a lot?
Holmgren: "There are a lot of lessons to be learned every week, probably. The statistics can be misleading at times, but they also are what they are. Having said that, we have to look and see if we could have done better in certain areas, or what we did. Before it gets too much doom and gloom, weíre still 3-1, weíre still leading the division. After the first four games of the season, weíre still in good shape record wise and all that. The difficult thing is that we felt that this is a game we could have won, but we didnít. But we will bounce back next week." Q: What is Tom Rouenís injury?
Holmgren: "He pulled his hamstring." Q: On the sweep to Alexander near the end that gained 7 yards, did you think there were more yards to be gained on that play?
Holmgren: "I was hoping we would get the first down. You know, I have the worst seat in the house. I liked how their defense aligned for us on the play, but until I see the film."