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    Mike Jones missing??


    Boy I hope this don't turn ugly. I had nothing but respect for Mr. Jones.

    U.S. judge flags Super Bowl star
    By Michael Shaw

    FILE PHOTO, 2000: Mike Jones

    In the St. Louis Rams' Super Bowl win in 2000, linebacker Mike Jones took on star status for making the game-saving tackle. But now the former player and his charitable foundation have slipped out of sight, according to a federal judge in East St. Louis who said he has looked for Jones for months without success.

    The judge wants to know what happened to $42,000 that was supposed to help build a service station in the tiny, destitute town of Brooklyn.

    Last week, U.S. District Judge Michael J. Reagan issued an order compelling Jones or a representative to show up in court next month to account for the money. Otherwise, the foundation will forfeit about $30,000 that was going to be added to its effort.

    The Michael Jones Foundation was one of about a dozen charities awarded a share of a $1 million fine that Reagan imposed in 2004 against the owner of a sex club in Brooklyn where prostitution took place.

    The judge handed out the cash on a promise it would be used to improve the lives of people in the East St. Louis area. The Jones Foundation was also given the deed to property, and Jones personally suggested building a gasoline station and convenience store there, officials said.

    "I want to provide the village with what they need," Jones told the Post-Dispatch in 2004. "We have to look at the feasibility of a store like that before we would do it. We have to get the money together."

    Jones, 36, joined the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2001. National Football League Web sites list his status as inactive.

    Like the judge, a reporter was unable to reach Jones or his foundation.

    Brooklyn village employees said Tuesday that a building on the property that had housed Buddy's Adult Lounge was empty until it burned down several weeks ago. No improvements were ever made, they said.

    Since then, court workers have called the foundation's phone numbers, made contact with an attorney who said he hasn't represented the foundation for two years, called a mobile phone number for Jones that was disconnected and had certified mail returned unopened. The foundation is registered with the Missouri secretary of state at addresses in Olivette and St. Louis.

    While still playing, Jones was involved in several charitable endeavors, including building homes for poor residents in East St. Louis.

    Judge Reagan set a court date of March 24 for someone to answer his concerns in person in court in East St. Louis.

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    Re: Mike Jones missing??

    eek, maybe they should ask someone we know

    I hope this turns out to be one big misunderstanding.

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    Re: Mike Jones missing??

    Ya me too , Hope this is not what it appears to be Lets hope...

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    Re: Mike Jones missing??

    For the amount of money thats missing, he cant possibly get very far. There are any number of potential explanations here, but none of them are good. Maybe we should call rick tochett to evaluate the odds of when and where he will turn up.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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