I was one of the people who said that we should let him go but after that performance yesterday I would welcome him back with open arms.In my opinion I think Martz would have won that game for us because we were 10-7 untill the 4th quater and I think he knows the O a bit better than fairchild and Vitt who just have not got the job done.If we bring in a new coach at the end of the season it will takeabout two years to change this team into what he wants(if he is a D orientated coach).
so I say lets draft some D players hopefully get some through FA,see what all of our rookies can do the rest of the year and start over again next year with Mike Martz at the helm.

p.s.Im suprised Jackson has not spoken out about his lack of inclusion in the offense,its not his fault(bad blocking and if he has two bad runs in a row we abandon him,that really annoys me)