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    Talking mike martz

    I don't know the guy of course, he just seems rather smug to me. I may be wrong. I just dig the old L.A. ram blue/yellow or blue/white that's all. What I like about ram fans, is they have just as much loyalty as raider fans, but not half the violence. you guys have to understand, i am probably one of the biggest raider haters you guys will ever meet. i put them on par with the ravens.
    GO RAMS!!!
    i know the rams don't have a big long heated history with the raiders, but believe me, i'm looking forward to next season when the raiders come to st. louis. i hope they waste them like money in a slot machine.


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    Ram the Raiders!

    You got it CalRamsFan75. Raiders are good but perhaps overrated enough to merit a downfall this new season (with or without Grinning Gruden, Rice, Gannon, Brown [not much else to resort to there]). Their fans are exaggeratedly rowdy, overdone.

    In a wishful thinking mode, it would have been great to see the Rams beat the Raiders at the big one/36! Wouldn't we have enjoyed that one!

    I used to "appreciate" the Oakland team of mid to late 60's, early 70's. A Ben Davidson smothering of Joe Namath, the fine passing of a Lamonica, a fine center like Otto, great Biletnikoff plays, etc.

    But don't get me wrong, I'm a RealRam, 1966 to present. And I do believe Mike Martz will put a ramming raid on the Raiders this year too.

    Let's do it! GO RAMS!!!

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