Marc Bulger has been struggling and now he's been benched.

Marc has had to make some major adjustments with his approach to the game.

He was made a starter by Mike Martz and the approach was wing it and fling it. We will score enough points to over come any turnovers.

Then Linehan is hired and the approach is protect the ball at all costs. I for one have been a bit critical of Marc holding onto the ball to long. He really has to because I'm sure he's trying avoid the costly turnover and has Linehan watching his every move/decision.

It appears that the O-line isn't doing Marc any favors with a lack of pass blocking. I believe it's a combination of things. Less than stellar O-line play especially the interior of the line but also Marc holding onto the ball to long in some situations. I can't remember the last time I saw Marc step up into the pocket. (no pocket?) inside pressure? Also I can't remember the last time I saw Marc throw a pass on the run.

In any event it's up to the Headcoach and/or Offensive Coordinator to take advantage of Marc's strengths and not force him into a gameplan or scheme that doesn't fit his talent.

GO RAMS!!!!!