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    Million things to say

    Where to start....MAN!

    On the officiating in which I don't normally complain about. Those of you that taped the game go back and watch the last drive. There is a play that they stopped the clock when it should have keep running the receiver caught the ball in bounds and hit the turf and rolled out...ALA 15 seconds...the no call on the intentional grounding was bush plan and simple. There was 3 seconds left on the clock at the end of the game the vanished.

    As far as the lose goes...I hope this burns DEEP into this team, I hope Marz walks away learning a little something from this game, that no matter the game players still need leaders. A person that will not let egos get to high and a person that can harness the emotion needed to match that of your opponent, that my friends is what a head coach does. Players need to realize that they are person or team is perfect. It takes EVERYONE playing to MAX Q.

    I have no regrets from this season...I love the Rams win or lose. This team has brought as much joy to me over the last few season then I have ever felt. I HATE to lose, but I need to remember that I do not control this team or have ANY effect on its outcome and the truly important things in life I still have and that is my family and my health (and my Pagers).

    When feeling down about the game...try to remember the magic of the '99 season...the Pats and their fans get to feel that feeling we got to feel, how special was that. Try to remember all the FUN times you have had on Sundays the last 3 years compared to the 10 before that. Our team is special it is now and ALWAYS will be and will always be remembered.


    Jason-Heart Broken

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    Good post J-RAM, made me feel a whole lot better!!! We will be back!!

    RAMS forever win or lose

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    The day after...

    Thanks J-Ram... :cool:

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    The Limey Guest
    Yeah, I was wondering about the three seconds at the end. I was convinced we'd at least have a shot at a miracle return a la The Music City Miracle, but the clock kept ticking down and that was that.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't think for a second we'd have taken the ball to the house from kick off (not with our return game this year) but we should have got a shot at it.
    Can anyone tell me what the exact ruling is for the clock stopping after a field goal?

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    ILRamfan Guest

    Media Hype

    I think the pre-game media Hype had a lot to do with the emotional state of the players. All the hype gave the Patriots a "Nothing to Lose" scenario. I felt it all week. The Rams couldn't win the game because they could not find an emotional handle on it, a handle that came all too easily for the Patriots thanks to the medial hype.

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    Thumbs down

    I was wondering about the Int. Grounding also. On the replay, you can clearly see that he isn't outside the box.

    On the time left at the end, I can't believe that Summeral or Madden didn't say anything about it.

    Oh well,

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    28rulz Guest
    :wiseman: I think J-Ram is a good example of what a fan should be and if i got bity with any of my posts I apologize to all.

    I need to folloe the example of #28../he handled it with class.

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    Hey J-man (say hi to the family for me), I did look at the tape. You're right about the officiating. Have several notations made where a call was ignored that could have made the difference. The whole concept of easing up on the officiating to allow them to "play the game" makes no sense.

    I managed to come away from this without getting totally depressed. Hey, I'm still proud of our guys and the way they bounced back from a lackluster season. I think they can and will bounce back from this blow. If anything, I think St. Louis should have gone on with the parade to welcome our boys back home with open arms. I would have.

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