Is it a coaching mistake that players jump offsides, false start, blow coverages, drop easy passes, fumble, and get flagged for pass interfearance and unsportsmanlike conduct?

This is what killed our team this year. We are the most penalized team in the league at this point. And during close or crutial times of games we fumble, drop passes, and blow coverages.

This season is comming to a close and reality kicked in last night that we won't be playing any extra games this year. We've been penalized out of the post season and its time to create an offseason program for our players to address these problems. players should be held accountable for the mistakes that cost us a season. Coaches taking the blame for player mistakes should be put to rest.

I understand that Football is a team sport and a coach is only as good as his scheme, and personnel. but these players have been focused on playing football all their lives. Pop Warner, to the college ranks. they've been scouted and have been prepared to perform. Proper preparation is the coaches part, its the players job to execute.They were'nt brought onto this team because they make mistakes. They're supposed to have potential, and an unstoppable desire to be a winner....coaches too.

An offseason program that stems into the regular season to eliminate these mistakes should go a long way, and should be given serious consideration. If there already has been a similar system in place... we've got serious problems.