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    Arrow Mixed feelings on the Chicago game this weekend.

    I would like to see Lovie do well in the playoffs. But I would also like to see the Bears lose because that would make Rivera available to sign one of these HC positions and may help speed up the process. We would find out what the Rams interest is in Rivera. Rivera could be our top choice and he may have other offers he is still considering. If that is the case we could be in limbo until the Bears lose.
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    Sauceman60 Guest

    Re: Mixed feelings on the Chicago game this weekend.

    Good point. Also, the more the Bears win, the more teams will be looking at him, making him less available for the Rams.

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    CarolinaRam Guest

    Re: Mixed feelings on the Chicago game this weekend.

    It really does say something doesn't it? A team goes basically from worst to first (OK, second). That should give all Rams fans a little bit of hope for the coming year or two. But we all learned how things can change back in '99.

    Personally, I just don't think the Bears will beat Carolina. Certainly they did earlier in the season, and Carolina played a horrible game, but I don't think that will happen again. Defense is all Chicago has, while Carolina has a good D to match and a pretty darn good offense, too. Obviously I watch the Panthers a lot - I live in Charlotte - and I've said that they are the closest thing to the Patriots of years gone by - a good, aggressive defense, excellent special teams and an offense that runs well. Throw Steve Smith in there, too. And they don't make many mistakes.

    Carolina wins this week and beats Seattle next week. I also think we'll be see Peyton with that all-too-familiar confused look on his face when Indy eventually plays New England in the AFC Championship.

    But that's just what I think.


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