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    Mizzou WR Alexander to visit Rams ..

    BY JIM THOMAS | Posted: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 3:20 pm

    The St. Louis Rams are bringing in wide receiver Danario Alexander for a visit and a physical on Monday, league sources told the Post-Dispatch. Alexander was cleared medically a week ago to practice following left knee surgery in February.

    If Alexander checks out physically, the Rams could sign him as a rookie free agent and immediately add him to their training camp roster. Alexander enjoyed a banner 2009 season at the University of Missouri, with 113 catches for 1,781 yards and 14 touchdowns.

    He was projected as an early_ to mid-round draft pick before suffering the knee injury during a Senior Bowl workout in late January.

    Alexander is working out for pro scouts Wednesday in Houston, but Rams general manager Billy Devaney said last week the Rams are more interested in how Alexander checks out medically because they know what he can do on the field.

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    Re: Mizzou WR Alexander to visit Rams ..

    Aleluja. Finally, this mans a beast!

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    Re: Mizzou WR Alexander to visit Rams ..

    I messaged him on twitter and he posted his results from today's pro day.

    4.4 in the 40yd dash

    41.5 in the vertical jump

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    Re: Mizzou WR Alexander to visit Rams ..

    Nothing wrong in letting DW compete. His potential merits a chance.

    The following article is several months old but is positive in praise of this youngster.

    2010 NFL Draft: Danario Alexander a Hidden Gem at Wide Receiver

    By Eddie Garrison (Correspondent) on February 12, 2010 455

    Every year when draft day rolls around, there is always talk about who will be the steal of the draft.

    Who will be the [insert year here] hidden gem that a team gets that no one else looked at or saw during his college career?

    Enter the 2010 NFL Draft hidden gem, Danario Alexander.

    The 6'5", 215-pound wide receiver played for the Missouri Tigers all four years of his collegiate career. He amassed 191 receptions for 2,778 yards and 22 touchdowns.

    His senior year, however, counted towards 1,781 of those yards, 113 of those receptions, and 14 of those scores.

    Pointing to one thing that has plagued Alexander ever since first stepping on campus at Mizzou—injuries.

    Since his freshman year he has had three knee surgeries and a wrist surgery during his, for lack of a better term, bittersweet collegiate career for the Tigers.

    No more has a wide receiver been overlooked in what was his best and tremendous senior season than Alexander. Of course, it could have something to do with Missouri’s bad year after the hopes were so high at the start of the season.

    A lot of his achievements were shunted aside due to the Tigers losing games in which he personally had outstanding performances.

    Like his performance against Oklahoma State, a game that saw Mizzou lose but Alexander amass 180 receiving yards and a touchdown.

    Or in their loss to Baylor, where Alexander put up astounding numbers with 13 catches for 214 yards and a touchdown. But since the Tigers again lost this matchup, much of the accolades that should have been coming his way were dismissed due to the loss by the team.

    The numbers that Alexander posted this year are just as good if not better than most of the so-called best wide receivers in the country—though as you look around at all the mock NFL drafts, he is nowhere to be seen on the first day of most of them.

    I have yet to actually see him projected any higher than the fourth round in most mock drafts.

    But let’s look inside the numbers to see how Alexander's season stacked up against the so-called best wide receivers in the NFL draft.

    Golden Tate of Notre Dame had 93 catches for 1,496 yards, and 15 touchdowns. Danario Alexander had 285 more yards, 20 more receptions, and just one fewer score.

    Jordan Shipley of Texas had 116 catches for 1,485 yards and 13 touchdowns. Now he did have three more receptions than Danario, but Alexander bested his yardage by 296 yards and had one more score than Shipley.

    Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech had only 46 catches for 1,154 yards and eight touchdowns. Alexander walloped him with 67 more catches, 627 more yards, and six more touchdowns.

    Well, if it’s not the stats that are holding teams back from ranking him higher in the draft, it must be his size, right?


    All the wideouts we have compared him statistically to and those ranked above him in mock drafts are no bigger than Alexander. Let’s look at the tale of the tape, shall we?

    Danario Alexander: 6'5", 215 pounds

    Dez Bryant: 6'2", 220 pounds

    Golden Tate: 5'11", 195 pounds

    Jordan Shipley: 6'0", 190 pounds

    Demaryius Thomas: 6'3", 229 pounds

    So if it's not the stats or the size, what could it be with Alexander that no one has him ranked going any higher than the fourth round in the NFL draft this year?

    The injuries? Perhaps.

    One thing is very certain for Alexander come the NFL draft: A team is going to see his numbers, see his size and speed on film, and take a chance on him and give him his shot at the next level.

    You know, this kind of reminds me of another guy that no one thought too highly of because he did not go to a huge school and didn't go in the draft until the seventh round as the 252nd overall pick of the New Orleans Saints.

    That player was Marques Colston—excuse me, Super Bowl champion Marques Colston.

    Am I saying Danario Alexander will have the same career as Colston did and win a Super Bowl? Absolutely not. But as far as talent and heart are concerned, I believe whoever drafts this young man will know they found a hidden gem in this year’s NFL draft.
    Hopefully his latest injuries are no longer a concern. May result as a "T.O. in the making". Minus antics.

    Hey, this athlete is tough -- plays with no helmet!

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    Re: Mizzou WR Alexander to visit Rams ..

    I am watching Missouri vs Kansas last years game right now. This guy looks beastly. He has made some great catches. He knows how to break tackles fairly well. You can't go off of just one game. But if I did have to choose just after watching just this I would say he could definitely compete for 4 or 5 spot.

    edit: At the beginning of the 4th quarter he has 11 catches for 205 yards...
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    Re: Mizzou WR Alexander to visit Rams ..

    Thats a fast big target. And a 41.5 vertical, jeez i guess his knee doesn't hurt that bad.

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    Re: Mizzou WR Alexander to visit Rams ..

    Here's hoping the kid checks out, and gets a chance to show his stuff

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    Re: Mizzou WR Alexander to visit Rams ..

    What had danario ranked so low was not his production or his size. His speed (at the time) was a question mark, his knees were and still are tremendous question marks because he can now be classified as both injury prone and with chronic knee issues, and his route running is a significant concern because of the simplified wide open offense of Missouri.

    My main concern is the guy's can you rely on a guy who is more injured than not?

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