I should not need to do this but here goes.

Moderators are the policemen of the board.

As Moderators, they will remove posts without warning if they go over the boundry of the site rules, that we have had since the formation of the Clan. Please note that when a moderator deletes a post, other moderators can still see the deleted post.

As Moderators, they have the ability to suspend a member if they continue to break the rules, then all mods will concider the fate of the suspended member.

As Moderators, You might not agree with them but then thats your right, as is the right of every member, to agree or disagree as they see fit. But as this is an open forum, we ask that, one of their more important roles is to stimulate conversation. when you rebuke a conversation, you do so in a polite and conversational manner. There is no harm taking a minute to compose ones self before lambasting a poster in a clever and witty way. There is never an excuse for personal attacks. Lets keep it clean.

We have had to suspend very few members from this board other than the usual trolls that hit us every so often. Lets keep it that way