Monday Camp Quotes
Monday, August 9, 2004

QB Chris Chandler

(On his impressions of camp)
Its real similar to other teams camps. Mentally, this year is a lot more challenging than any other place Ive been. (Head coach) Mike (Martz), offensively, installs an awful lot and he challenges everybody mentally to keep up with whats going in, and to be sharp. Thats the biggest difference with this team and this camp.

(On the talent on this Rams team)
You look at the skill positions and this is as good as anywhere in the league. And definitely as good, and better, as anywhere Ive been at.

(On his impressions of QB Marc Bulger)
I think the world of Marc, both on and off the field. Hes very, very intelligent. He knows this offense really well. He makes great decisions and is extremely accurate. That combination is really tough to beat. Aside from that, he is a great guy and is a lot of fun. I respect him, hes a friend, and we have a lot of fun. Hes helped me with this offense. He has a good handle on what he is supposed to do and how to do things. I want to be there to support him, and maybe be an extra set of eyes for him. He proved last year how good of a player he is. And more than anything else, hes kind of helped me learn the subtleties of this offense.

(On concerns about the offensive line)
It falls under the category of things that you cannot control. So far the guys in there, as far as Im concerned, are doing a great job. The last thing you can think about in the position of quarterback is whats going on around you. You have to look downfield with your keys, your reads, your offense, and where you are throwing the football.

WR Kevin Curtis

(On how his leg feels)
Im very satisfied with the progress of it. Its not holding me back at all. I just measure it against where I was before I broke it in August of last year. As far as thats concerned, I dont feel quite as strong, but Im close and Im happy with it.

(On if he worried about coming back to football at full strength)
I definitely wondered how much it would effect me once it did heal up. The good thing about breaking a bone is the bone will heal up 100 percent, so its nothing that was going to be an issue of slowing me down.

K Jeff Wilkins

(On returning to camp after a full day off)
It was tough coming back. It was rough coming in this morning after sleeping in your own bed and being all relaxed, away from football for the day. But its nice knowing that in a couple days well be heading back to St. Louis. Again, the weather is unbelievable, so that makes it a little easier.

(On how his camp has been)
Its kind of business as usual. Im just trying to get my leg in shape and trying to do as much as I can without over-kicking. Thats something Ive learned to do the past couple of years. Its almost like less is more with me. The less I do when it comes to swinging the leg, once I get in the groove its better. And its great to have RB Chris Massey and WR Dane Looker back. This is one of the few camps that Ive had my snapper and holder and weve got to work together since day one, and it helps.

(On his chemistry with Massey and Looker)
Chris (Massey) is the best snapper in the league, and Dane is phenomenal in only his second year. Your always nervous on the first day, as far as how things are going to work, and it was like going back to last year with the rhythm and the timing. We all have to be on the same page and then were great. They make my job that much easier.