Monday, October 10, 2005

- Best wishes and prayers to coach Mike Martz and his family. His health is the most important issue right now. Here's hoping for a safe and speedy recovery.

- Say whatever you want about the decisions Martz makes on Sundays, but away from the game he is a sincere, genuinely nice guy. You wouldn't wish a heart problem on anyone least of all a man who has been through as much as Martz has to get to this stage in his profession. He has done so many positive things in this community that go unnoticed such as he and his wife Julie's continuous battle against Alzheimer's disease. Martz needs and deserves the best medical attention he can get and I hope to see him back on the sideline and back at Rams Park as soon as medically possible.

- Joe Vitt is more than qualified and more than capable to handle the duties of head coach. Admittedly, Vitt doesn't know much about the offense, but he won't be worrying about issues on that side of the ball. Vitt is an intelligent, fiery guy with 27 years in the profession. He has never been a head man anywhere, but that experience should speak for itself. Just because he has been a defensive guy his whole career doesn't mean he won't be able to lead this team. Don't be surprised if the Rams respond well to his leadership.

- Steve Fairchild has kind of been the forgotten man on this coaching staff because Martz handles play calling duties, but it should be interesting to see what he can do. There is a reason he is on this staff and it is that he has an extensive knowledge of offense, especially Martz's offense. Fairchild played quarterback for Martz at San Diego's Mesa Community College. There, he set numerous passing records and earned many awards under Martz's guidance.

- It seems trite to even talk about right now when looking at the big picture, but the release of Reggie Hodges was a move that had to be made. You just can't keep giving a guy that is costing you that much field position a chance. His punting against Seattle essentially cost the Rams the game.