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    Monday at Macomb

    Went up to Macomb to catch the afternoon practice and wanted to post a few of my observations.

    Camp runs so smooth from begining to end with all the signal horns in between. The people in the Western Ill/ Macomb area are all incredibly nice.

    Marc Bulger is clearly the number 1 starter for this team. His passes were all excellent and on the money. During seven on sevens and eleven on elevens I think only one ball hit the ground (A Shaun McDonald drop if I remember correctly) I may have caught Smoker on a bad day but he and Michna performed at about the same level during the drills and practices I saw. Both show good arm strength but not the same accuracy and quick release that Bulger has. I think they each threw an Int during drills. Although Smoker threw a beautiful fade route to Manu during a goaline drill (Bulger did as well). Just throwing to the WR during a CB cover drill Michna looked a little shaky. Chandler helped out with the running backs during their drills but didn't get any snaps during the seven on sevens or eleven on elevens.

    Marshall looks fine. Although the running backs weren't running full speed. He also didn't make any big cuts either but he looked normal. Arlen got most of the backup touches and he looks just as fast as last year only larger. Jackson got in on a few of the drills but they were all non-contact.

    Kevin Curtis is better than Dane Looker I'm sorry. Dane looked solid but Kevin is just a budding star. He roasted a couple of CB's during their coverage drills and his concentration and hands are remarkable. Shaun McDonald fielded punts very well and is extremely shifty he didn't get to run any back but just his first few steps after the catch made him look dangerous. He also made a terrific catch on an angled punt from Landeta that was pretty difficult to field. Furrey on the other hand muffed a punt and doesn't look like he's as good as the others (Looker or McDonald). Isaac only practiced a little bit on Monday during seven on sevens but when he stepped on the field you just new he was there. He is just so smooth. Torry is clearly the best wide receiver the Rams have. He outran out caught and out performed anyone who lined up across from him during drills the whole time telling jokes hammin it up and laughing. He makes it look so easy. Look for another big year from him if he can stay healthy.

    I didn't concentrate too much on the O-Line. But some of the one on one drills were very telling. Eric Flowers is quick! During one drill he beat his blocker so quickly it almost seemed like his O llineman just wasn't ready or sumthin Flowers deked and went right around him to the outside while the O lineman pushed at air.. Tyoka put a devestating spin move on another pour soul to get to the quarterback on the very next snap it didn't look fair at all. I thought the drill was just weighted towards the defensive player until I saw another O lineman smother the next D end. I thiink our pass rush is going to be okay this year without Grant. Hargrove didn't practice much he ran out with everyone else but didn't really participate in a lot of drills. I saw Damione Lewis getting driven back five yards off the ball in a few of the drills by the O Lineman. He's defintely not a run stuffer. Kollar doesn't yell at Pickett as much anymore he must be doing something right.

    The linebackers look ready for the season to start. Especially the big three. Pisa looks fast and comfortable. They were in on so many plays they just flow so well together. I hope we can keep Polley after the season because we have the makings of a fine squad. Faulk stood out among the backups.

    Kevin Garrett is so fast! He has tremendous recovery speed and he's going to need it too because his jam at the line is horrible but even when he got beat initially he's able to run under the ball to try and make a play. But he got beat bad during one of the drills after missing a jam. Groce looks a lot more comfortable but he dropped a pass and had to do some pushups during the CB drill to practice INT's. Fisher and Butler took their regular turns during practice and didn't seem to be hurting at all anymore. I'm still little concerened about there size but both of them are more physical than Groce and Garrett and they can run as well.

    Aeneas is well Aeneas what more can you say. I don't see why he won't be even better at safety this year. Arch looked fine as well but our backup safeties leave a lot to be desired.


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    Re: Monday at Macomb

    Thanks for the report, Mercclass. It's always fun to read those. Welcome to the ClanRam! :ramlogo:

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    Re: Monday at Macomb

    Nice report Mercclass,
    Sounds like the team is ready for Thurs. I can't wait. :angryram:

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Monday at Macomb

    Thanks for the report!

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