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    More Bernie - Linehan frontrunner, Cam Cameron interviewing, Kiffin out

    A Press Box Exclusive, for my friends here...

    The latest:

    * San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will be in town Friday to interview for the Rams job. For a couple of months, Shaw told me that Cameron wouldn't be a candidate...but in the last week or so, he's been getting calls from folks around the league that he trusts, who have strongly encouraged him to at least talk to Cameron.

    * Pat Hill interviewed in town on Tuesday. It went OK.

    * Pat Hill, as it turns out, was the "mystery" man. Now, in retrospect, either Cameron or Jim Fassel would fit as mystery men because their names are new to the Rams' job search. So why was Hill the "mystery man." ??? Because Shaw snuck him into town for an interview Tuesday and nobody knew it. Originally, we were told he'd interview Hill later in the week in SoCal. But Shaw is staying here this week, because of Jack Snow's memorial service. We got some incorrect info; Shaw did not interview Hill in Chicago over the weekend. He interviewed him in STL Tuesday. Sorry for the mixup. There was some miscommunication. As I said on another thread, as it turned out the mystery man was no mystery at all.

    * Jim Fassel interviewewed here on Thursday; interview was fine, not a serious candidate at the moment, but could get a second look. He could be a fallback candidate.

    * Monte Kiffin has withdrawn from consideration. He hemmed and hawed and never really worked up much enthusiasm -- even though Pete Carroll, Lovie and others told him he needed to be a head coach and that the Rams would be a good spot for him. Kiffin just likes being a coordinator and is too late in his career to change.

    * Ken Whisenhunt was interviewed on the phone; if Steelers lose at Indy, Shaw may talk to him next week in a formal interview. The concern over Whisenhunt is that he's a little green and is a year or two away.

    * Ron Rivera still a candidate; if the Bears lose he'll get a second interview next week, along with Miami Dolphins OC Scott Linehan.

    * It is my feeling that if there is a front runner at the moment, it's Linehan. His interview was a home run.

    * Tim Lewis had a good interview....not out of it yet. Might get a second call. Same with Hill (though I tend to doubt it on Hill).

    That's all I got ....


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    Re: More Bernie - Linehan frontrunner, Cam Cameron interviewing, Kiffin out

    thanks for the info much appreciated


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