Isn’t it special? Rams work up a sweat doing yoga
By Bill Coats
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Camp Day 14/early report)

If there’s anything more tedious that sitting through a special-teams practice, it’s sitting through a special-teams practice at training camp. Still, that’s where we found ourselves Thursday morning, along with a handful of fans (who really need to get a life).

But we actually learned a few things:

1. If long-snapper Chris Massey is hurt and backup Richard Owens has to step in . . . well, just close your eyes and hope for the best.

2. Donnie Jones’ punts seem to hang in the air forever. The Titans returners almost looked impatient waiting for the ball to descend.

3. Derek Stanley, who had all sorts of trouble fielding punts in the preseason a year ago, has improved dramatically.

4. Titans punter Craig Hentrich, the pride of Alton Marquette High, still has plenty of leg left. Hentrich, 37, is preparing for his 15th NFL season.

5. At age 64, Rams special-teams coach Al Roberts conducts his drills with exuberance and enthusiasm. It has to be fun to play for him.


While the Rams players on the special-teams units practiced, the rest of the squad — minus the quarterbacks, who remained at the team hotel — joined the other Titans at the “bubble,” the indoor facility just off the fields, for a session of yoga.

“You will not be allowed to watch that,” Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher quipped Wednesday. The players must have gotten a pretty good workout, because when they emerged, most were covered in sweat.

All for now . . . more following the afternoon practice