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    More from Hadley (Re: Faulk)

    Friday, July 9

    04:11:37 CDT


    Updating storylines I discussed on KTRS this week.

    MARSHALL FAULK: My sources are indicating that Marshall Faulk remains an enigma for the 2004 season with training camp on the horizon.

    The level of anxiety differs with sources; however, the common dominator has each individual, unwilling to guarantee Faulk is ready for action.

    As one source said, "There are reasons to believe that Faulk won't play this season but I expect to see him run through tunnel at The Ed (Edward Jones Dome) on the 12th (opening day, 9/12/04)."

    Faulk has indicated to mutual acquaintances that he remains concerned whether his knee will be 100% for training camp and there is a chance that he will not play in 2004.

    "I won't mislead you, there is an incertitude permeating through the front office into the coaches offices about the situation. You will not get anybody to confirm on the record, unless they have a position waiting with another organization. Write it if you want but he ready for the wrath of Coach (Mike Martz) and number 28 (Marshall Faulk)," were the words of another source.

    Based on various conversations the consensus is that Faulk will play in 2004 however his role will be lessened (likely more than advertised).

    A third source said, "I would say it's fair to question whether Marshall will be ready but never underestimate his toughness, mentally, or physically. I will say this; we need Steve Jackson and Lamar Gordon to be ready. Gordon is the real question. I have the utmost confidence that Jackson can fill the bill but if Marshall can't go, Gordon must elevate his game supporting Jackson for this offense to operate properly.

    Faulk has managed, in the past, to rise to the elite level after rehabbing injuries, his badge of competitiveness is worn well, and there is ample reason to believe he can do it again.

    Please read this carefully, I'm not communicating that Faulk won't play this season. I'm simply reporting that it's a possibility. Additionally, I'm communicating, if he does play his role could be even more limited than discussed in most circles. The news value is simple... Faulk donning the Rams uniform isn't "a given."

    Let me repeat, so that the information isn't misrepresented, mangled or altered by those on forum boards or airwaves... I'm not writing the final chapter of Faulk's career. I'm simply conveying the fact Faulk isn't near 100% nor ready to rock 'n roll.

    Simply stated, the pulse of uncertainty regarding Faulk's future is beating rapidly (at Rams Park). There is a chance he might not play; best-case scenario passed along by sources has his role more restricted most than comprehend.

    The following quote from a source probably best crystallizes the situation, "Faulk is the only person qualified to answer your question. Personally, I have his name written in pencil on my depth chart."

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    Re: More from Hadley (Re: Faulk)

    I am fine with this.

    Don't get me wrong, We will miss Marshall Faulk greatly on the Ram offense if he does not play but the fact that Faulk will be on the sidelines HELPING Jackson will be a fantastic chance for him (Jackson). And don't forget that Faulk has said time and time again that he wishes to go into coaching. What better way for a great player to finish off his career than to to do so with the team that got him a super bowl ring.

    If he does not play this year and by that I say, play a full season with the team, then it will be a very sad but not unexpected time for us.

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    Re: More from Hadley (Re: Faulk)

    do you think that if he trys to go into coaching that martz would hire him, or will it be like what happened to the bears last year with singletary? And would that mean we would fire our rb coach or would we have 2 coaches at the position?

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    Re: More from Hadley (Re: Faulk)

    You never know what Martz will do, but I have heard several times that Marshall has designed plays and Martz has used them.
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