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    More new weapons then just the three draft picks.

    Probably already been said or written about, but I am bored. So here's the thought:

    Bradford didn't get the whole benefit of Avery, UH-OH and Cinabun last year.

    McDaniels knew this before taking this job too.

    Bradford, god and healthy and collective bargaining agreement willing, will essentially have Avery, Uh-OH, Onobun, Kendricks, Pettis and Salas as new weapons.

    Add to Amendola, hopefully Clayton and who knows who else (because teams will be getting a few extra roster spots to help with no off season and stuff) and this appears to be a make over of major proportions already.

    Just saying.

    Semper Fi!

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    Re: More new weapons then just the three draft picks.

    Short routes: Pettis, Salas, and Amendola
    Intermediate routes: Clayton, Onobun, and Hoomanawanui
    Deep threats: Avery, Alexander, and Kendricks

    Since Alexander's knee is still in question, expect Bradford to be running the same exact offense as Belichick did with Brady last season, using precise short and intermediate routes and spreading the ball around while probably taking role as Captain Checkdown once more. Though these guys are a ragtag of #2 and #3 receivers, most of them have much more consistent hands, which will make our 3rd/4th down conversations and red zone offense improved. Still, I like the way we revamped our offense that should be able to keep our defense fresh.

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    Re: More new weapons then just the three draft picks.

    Not only did we get guys with better hands and size but we got guys with better injury history. I don't know about you guys but relying on injury prone receivers seems like a recipe for disaster. Who needs a Randy Moss (in his prime) when you can have a bunch of donald driver's running around. Man we got more 2's then a pencil factory. If McD can make it work then it's fine by me.

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    Re: More new weapons then just the three draft picks.

    I think he's got enough for the meantime with all the new faces brought in, time will tell.? I hope Ram fans out there do not expect miracles in the passing game. Improvement this season should be expected, but I dont see many highlight reel plays being made by the Ram recievers.?
    DX and Kendricks look the most likely on paper to come up with the big play. I like the picks of Salas and Pettis, both bringing size and dependable hands to the Rams wideouts, they're should be less problems with dropped passe's this season hopefully.?
    IF Gilyard can learn the scheme, he is a potentially exciting player, so who knows.?
    I think the TE position has got to be the area that gives the coach's the most excitement. Mike Hoom... was outstanding in limited action but he too was bitten by the injury bug hitting the Ram recievers.
    Pairing him with 2nd round draft pick Lance Kendricks gives the Rams potentially a very dangerous combination at the TE position, for the first time in years.
    Avery and Clayton should be slowed a little from there injuries, so I wouldnt expect too much from them next season, the best of the rest is probably Gibson, who I think has potential.?

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    Re: More new weapons then just the three draft picks.

    Leave the highlight reels for other teams. Rams didn't have a problem moving the ball last year, they has a problem scoring. They added a couple red-zone targets, and like the OP said, some players who missed all of last year too. Throw in one of the mind of a top OC in the NFL, and I'm very happy with the way our offense is going.

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