Its easy to sit back and watch after the fact the strengths and weakness of the Rams. Linehan didn't address 2 critical weakness during the off season. Building a solid core at the O-line (duh) and most glaringly didn't get any solid depth.

Jackson gets a groin-pull and those things take time to heal even to get to 90%. No good, maybe average, RB to step in. Pace gets hurt (again), and still no good, actually below average replacement...the story is an old one.

But in all this Ziggy is hiding in the shadows avoiding most of the blame which FRONT OFFICE is a large part of the problem. No serious off-season moves made to get the Rams depth, a solid draft in many respects, though it will likely be more felt in 2009 & 2010.

Fact is the Rams are not going to fix or solve all their problems in the draft. Simply because, their just isn't enough draft picks high enough to address the Rams needs. But even looming larger, is the Bengals, Chiefs, and Lions who have worst records thus far and the same needs as the Rams. Its going to be a small pond the Rams will be fishing out of.

Fact is right now the Rams need to deal with the rest of 2008, and start looking at 2009. I suggest they sign Haslett to a 2 year contract. First short term it gives some dirrection where to go in terms of FIXing and filling holes. And lastly, its an implied mandate to Haslett to do-or-die.