From Chris Mortensen--

Best wishes to Martz

Here are best wishes and prayers for Rams coach Mike Martz's speedy recovery as he battles a bacterial infection serious enough to put him in a hospital and place him on indefinite leave.

When I spoke to Martz on Saturday morning he was actually optimistic, feeling better after getting an IV dose of antibiotics. But his health again proved to be a roller-coaster ride -- and an impatient Martz tried desperately to get his doctors' attention.

"I was feeling so bad that I told them that if they didn't find out what's wrong with me soon, I'd have to resign [as coach]," Martz said.

The idea of resignation wasn't the point -- his health was the urgent issue. He finally was ordered to a hospital on Monday, and some in St. Louis have even wondered whether it would be best for all concerned if he did, in fact, resign. I have to disagree with that notion, provided the doctors get him well.

The Rams' coach has been an enigmatic lightning rod for controversy because of his unorthodox game management style. He's also the coach who dumped Super Bowl hero Kurt Warner and clashed with ex-tackle Kyle Turley.

Even though I've had my disagreements with Martz, I know him well enough to vouch for him as a really good man. Good husband, good father, good son he has been all of that. And as unorthodox as he might be perceived as being, he is, without question, one of the most innovative coaches of this era.

We would miss him if he ever left.