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Thread: Most impressive thus Far

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    Most impressive thus Far

    Being that I am in Orlando and Unable to see any of the rams practices/camp all I can do is read the updates posted on our forum (which have been magnificent to say the least). With that in mind I was looking to have a few questions answered by as many that would like to give some insight as possible.

    1. who has looked the best or has impressed those who have attended the most?
    2. Who is the biggest surprise?
    3. Who has been the biggest disappointment thus far?
    4. Who is likely to be a start this year that was not last year (be it not on team last season, recently drafted such as "The Rattle Snake" himself, or guys that seemed to have moved up the depth chart)

    Let me know who y'all think fits each of these questions. If need be I will fly to St. Louis and stomp a mud hole in those who have been a disappointment and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.

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    Re: Most impressive thus Far

    I'll hop in here and give my observations!

    1. Really, Eugene Sims has been killing it. The hustle, the size, and the speed are all there. Honestly, the drop-off from Long/Quinn to Hayes/Sims might not be as big as people think.
    2. Brian Quick. I expected some rust, seeing as I didn't buy in to the whole "just give him another year" bit. However, it really looks like he's figuring it out. His size and speed are still crazy, so he's gonna be dangerous if this keeps up.
    3. I'm a little disappointed that none of the RB's have jumped out at me yet. They haven't played bad, per say (they really can't show much in camp anyway), but none of them have emerged as a clear #1. Aside from that, Austin Davis has been inconsistent at best with his timing and throws. I was really hoping we'd found a suitable backup for Sam, but it appears we may need to continue searching.
    4. I firmly believe that Quick will emerge as the outside starter opposite Givens. On the line, Chris Williams looks pretty comfortable as the starting LG.

    That's all I got. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have!
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    Re: Most impressive thus Far

    i'll add on #3, i think going with a committee and having no CLEAR number 1, though richardson seems to be playing the best, so you can shove a back in and have them play just as well as the others, otherwise, there wouldn't be a committee

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