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  • Quarterback

    3 5.36%
  • 2nd string Running Back

    0 0%
  • Wide Receiver

    39 69.64%
  • Tight End

    3 5.36%
  • Off. Tackle (LT/RT)

    3 5.36%
  • Right Guard

    2 3.57%
  • Def. End

    4 7.14%
  • Def. Tackle

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  • Outside Linebacker

    1 1.79%
  • Cornerback

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  • Returner

    1 1.79%
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    Most Intriguing Camp Battle?

    Yes, there are some spots without question: S-Jack will be the starting RB (but who backs him up?). Brown will be snapping the ball (but who is standing beside him AND for that matter, behind him?). Chris Long, Cliff Ryan, JL, Atogwe.......all locked in, but what is being built around them?

    For your money, what is the most intriguing camp battle? Is it....?

    QB - A year from now, it's Bradford, little to no question. But live football begins in September 2010, not 2011. Who's gonna take the first snaps?

    WR - Ten capable receivers, six (at most) slots for them. A hands team battle royale!

    RB - One bad step; that's all it will take to turn the reins over to.....whom? Darby? Ogbonnaya? Toston?

    TE - the under-estimated Fells? the under-utilized Hoomanawanui? the under-experienced Onobun?

    OT - We know the names.....Smith & Saffold; the question is which side of the field will they play?

    RG - An enigmatic position for the Rams. Sometimes (Timmerman) manned at a Pro-Bowl level, other times (Cogs), uh not so much. Who gets this spot.......the massive Roger Allen? OT/OG swingman Greco? veteran Fraley?

    DE - Long; that's 1. Spags loves his big DEs to rush from the interior (Hall, Adeyanju, Ah You), which leaves the exterior to the three speedy rookies (Davis, Sims, Selvie)

    DT - Maybe Ryan and Robbins are the set first unit, but Spags loves to rotate, so who steps up behind? Scott, Hovan, Gibson.........they'll need them all.

    OLB - Vobora, Grant, Diggs, Chamberlain, Carpenter, Null......not as talked about, but I think it's as wide open as the WR race.

    CB - I would think Bartell and Fletcher are the starters, for now. But Murphy, Johnson, Dockery, King and Butler, all could vie for one of those spots.

    K.R./P.R. - Is it the known (Amendola) or the unknown (Gilyard)?
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    Re: Most Intriguing Camp Battle?

    Gotta be WR. We have seen so many flashes of real talent from our wideouts but none have really stepped up to be our number 1. Now throw a potential Danario Alexander onto the list and we are getting really crowded. I would personally like us to keep 6, Avery, Robinson, Gibson, Amendola, Gilyard, Alexander.

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    Re: Most Intriguing Camp Battle?

    The most intriguing camp battle, IMO, has to be at wide receiver because it really is wide open. Most of the other positions are pretty set, either with one established starter already in place or one specific person expected to fill that role soon.

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    Re: Most Intriguing Camp Battle?

    I'm not going to be boring and say WR so I will go with DE. I mean we are all pretty darn sure Chris Long has 1 spot, but who has the other? Will it be a rookie between Davis, Sims, and Selvie? Or a veteran in James Hall, Adeyanju, Ah You?

    Also, I love the TE battle. Hoomanawanui is looking intruiging and I think Daniel Fells has that spot and is underrated. Fendi also has a lot of potential.

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    Re: Most Intriguing Camp Battle?

    It was wr for me, but the one constant I have been hearing is how much of a stud Roger Saffold has been in training camp. Smith need's to step it up because the way it is looking Saffold will be the starting lt (or should be) and that will not reflect well on Smith and his number two pick status at all.

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    Re: Most Intriguing Camp Battle?

    The first thing that popped in my head was WR.
    After that I would go with RB... tons of talk of the Rams bringin in a backup RB for Jackson, but nothing really happened. Does Spags think Darby can handle it? Is Westbrook still an option?
    A lot of these guys are going to get some big time chances this preseason... one of our most interesting preseasons in years in my opinion.

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