You know, it seems whenever we read an article where the coach or coaches are interviewed that the contents of the article are alot of times just what the media or fans want to read/hear. Alot of blah, blah, blah.....tell us something we didn't know.

In a few recent articles/interviews Spags has let it be known that his RAMS team is focusing on their Division foes (NFC WEST).

Considering that from 2006-2008 our won-loss record has been (13-35), overall. Spags obviously has alot of areas to be concerned with but his focus on our NFC WEST opponents is definitely warranted. From 2006-2008 our record against the NFC WEST was (3-15).

This is the kind of news that makes alot of sense and earns more and more of my respect for our new Headcoach.