Well as we all know our RAMS lost Sunday at Detroit. For me, I was impressed with how Fisher had our team prepared for the game. I for one thought we were going to get blown out. Not only did we avoid the blow-out we actually could have or being a RAMS die-hard fan, should have won! That brings me to Fisher's Monday afternoon Press Conference. I was very interested to see and hear how Fisher reacted to the loss.

First let me start out by saying I'm one the members here that was over the top with the Jeff Fisher hiring. I will try and keep my Mustache reports as unbiased as I can but Fisher to me is the man for the job.

His press conference was very professional in that he had all the answers and even educated the media with some of his answers. His body language and overall approach show me that he's a man with a ton of confidence. Unfortunately I couldn't hear most of the questions posed to him by the media but his answers generally lead me to the question, kind of like JEOPARDY!

Fisher discussed the game clock issue, the Saffold and Wells injuries. He mentioned without any details at all that there were a few plays that the execution wasn't there.
He let be known that the prevent defense on the last drive was not by design. That the secondary kind of took it upon themselves to hang back a little further than normal. He addressed and corrected that issue with the players involved.

There are and were excuses that Fisher could have fallen back on but he didn't. Bottom line we lost by four points and we need to improve. As Fisher stated it's all part of the process.

Fisher's first regular season press conference was awesome in my opinion. I know we lost but at least our leader is a bonafide leader! Better days are definitely coming!