Well Mister casual was his usual self. Low key and matter of fact.

The bad news...we lost to the Bears.

The good news...we came out of the game without any significant injuries.

The bad news...we play the Seahawks on Sunday and then the Cardinals the following Thursday. Very short week to get ready for the undefeated Cardinals. This is going to be a great challenge for our very young team.

The good news...Brockers is back on the practice field.

Back to Mister Casual:

He felt that the defense played good on Sunday.

Special teams was a wash, need the kids to kick a bit better.

Offense made a lot of little mistakes that are correctible. "Gibson needs to make that catch"

Too many 3rd and longs that we couldn't convert. Fisher gives the Bears defense a lot of credit in more than one of his responses.

Fisher brought up the fact that our defense has not forced one fumble this season. It's not for lack of effort but that's the kind of game changing thing we need.

What really got my attention from Fisher was when he mentioned his in game and halftime adjustments. He was unhappy with the gashing runs the Bears were getting at the start of the game. He stated that the Bears had 7 runs for 11 yards in the 2nd half.
This was very interesting to me because previous head coaches (Linehan & Spags) never seemed to make adjustments or if they did they didn't work.

All in all a very short press conference and again you couldn't tell if we had won or lost the previous game.

So the key to winning for our RAMS?

Well we are 0-2 on the road/none mustache games. 1-0 at home/mustaches are given out to the fans.

I hope Mustaches are given out this Sunday especially since there will be a ClanRam support group there to cheer on the RAMS!