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    The "MUSTACHE" Report (week 4)

    First let me start by saying Fisher needs a shave.

    What a big win this was!

    Anyhow Fisher's press conference was short and SWEET! He actually smiled/smirked quite a bit.

    Briefly, he talked about the offense needing to improve. We need to get in the end zone.
    He thought the o-line played great. When asked about how he thought Brockers played?
    He responded that he played hard. That response is just another in a long list of how classy Fisher is. Rather than put the kid down he gave him the old he played hard line knowing that there's room for a lot of improvement. Which Fisher expected since Brockers is returning from an injury. Fisher admitted that the tackling of Lynch was poor but also added that the defender at the point of attack was being held on more than one play.
    The 24 hour rule does not apply because of the short week before playing Thursday night. I think it might be more like the 24 minute rule this week.

    Again, what a great win...the feeling of being 2-2 instead of 1-3 like the so called experts predicted is awesome!

    As always I can't give enough credit to our Head Coach Jeff Fisher!

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    Re: The "MUSTACHE" Report (week 4)

    I too thought a lot of holding opened holes for their running game, and I was further away from the action than he was. On their only TD of the game, there was actually to. Long (IIRC) was held to prevent a tackle in the back field, and then one of the WR/TE held about 5 yd from the LOS. It is a crying shame, and absolutely unacceptable to have stolen a TD run from SJ for a ticky tack hold (barely holding by the book, and one normally not called) when the hags got away with holding the whole game.

    MFank gave the zebras an A, but that was probably graded on the curve set by the scabs. By the rule book, they'd get a D-. Would have been an F had they not called the hags for late hits, and an F- had they not picked up the flag that almost stole a second TD on the same drive as the TD they stole from SJ.


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