How tough is it to win in the NFL? Especially on the road? We outplayed the Miami Dolphins at least that's what the stats show us.


Anyway, Fisher starts out by saying after being able to look at the tape we lost this game in the 2nd quarter. Teams lose games in the NFL generally because of the little things but in this case the big thing was the 2nd quarter. 7 penalties, 2 missed FG's and a lost fumble. Fisher did say that a couple of the penalties called were questionable but it's all part of the game. The stats show a well played game by our RAMS. Fisher felt fortunate that we only allowed 10 points in that 2nd quarter. We need to score more TD's. Fisher has told his team, during training camp that in order to win games in the NFL and lots of games that we needed a 2 to1 TD to FG ratio.

The good news is that he had no injuries to report. Maybe he's holding back because of competitive reasons?

There were a few little things that could have made a difference in the outcome of the game. Jenkins guessed wrong on the long TD pass by the Dolphins. He made it a point to say that he's not singling out Jenkins or anyone else. Gibson had a very good game and made an unbelievable catch but what if was able to make a clean catch on the one he bobbled and couldn't stay in bounds?

When asked last week how he would be able to replace Amendola's production? Fisher told the media that the rest of the receiving corp would have to step up. Well according to Fisher they did. Givens has had a reception of longer than 50 yards in 3 straight games. That's the first time that a rookie has done that since 1983. Pettis and Smith made some plays. All in all Fisher was happy with the WR's.

He was asked if he is happy with where the defense is? He said yes but there's still a lot of work to do. Then added, ask me that question after our next 2 games. (Packers & Patriots)

Fisher in is uncanny way defended Legatron. Saying the short kick he thought Legatron pulled but that the other 2 longer kicks were missed because of the wind.


The question that wasn't asked and it surprises me that no one asked.

Why the 66 yard FG attempt? Why not try and get closer? Sure it was 4th and 7 but a 66 yard attempt after Legatron has already missed 2 FG's in the game?

So the Packers and Patriots are next on the schedule. In my opinion these 2 games will tell us and Jeff Fisher where our team is at.

It's pretty obvious that both the Packers and the Patriots have a better offense than us but I would take our defense over theirs everyday day of the week. Should be very interesting!