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    MY Assesment......

    This team was horrible, and I don't know if they can stop this bleeding. This team played uninspired and with no heart. The Panthers ran on us like we were a pop warner team. We couldn't make the tackles nor could the Defensive line keep the O line off our Linebacker. Linehan or whomever was calling the Offensive plays got away from the run. I could have sworn this was a Martz team out there playing. We played a solid game the first half only to come out in the second half and not even show up.

    We've got some serious problems we need to address.

    1. Our line, with Pace down, and not backup because Stussie is off the team with a broken foot.

    2. Our D line, AC is playing well, but LG is a liability. It could be that we were just outmatched by a bigger line. but I don't buy that because we did so well the first half. This D just gave up.

    3. Our offense is misfiring not rhythm whatsoever. Bulger is overthrowing the passing routes.

    4. We got completely away from the Run. That's inexcusable,

    If we don't do something, and do something quick, we wont win 3 games this season.

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    Re: MY Assesment......

    1. Completely agree. Depth is obviously a problem here.

    2. I thought the defensive line didn't look that bad in the first half. In the second half, they were out there way too long. I don't want to guess what the Panthers' time of possession in the 2nd half was, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had the ball two or three times as long as we did. That takes a toll on the defensive linemen.

    3. Bulger looked pretty bad out there today.

    4. When we abandon the run like that, they're just going to blanket our receivers. Obviously, we can't win that way.

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    Re: MY Assesment......

    It kills me too because T. Holt and I. Bruce (I hate saying this) won't last forever and it'd be nice if they could experience one more winning season, they deserve it.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: MY Assesment......

    Bulger was CRAP today. I'm sick of those 3 yard throws for 1 yard, and then he even missed half of those today!
    We are lost on offense without Pace...

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    Re: MY Assesment......

    The offensive playcalling is bland and predictable, we really need to spice things up and throw downfield once in a while. Too many checkdown passes that don't scare anyone when they know we can't go over the top, then the defenders just stay in the zone 5-10 yards off the line of scrimmage and wait for the checkdown, move up and wrap up the tackle and leave us with a 2 yard gain or so. We NEED the big pass to open things up, we looked scared out there with that playcalling. That's one of the things that I have feared we would miss this year - the long pass, we haven't got Curtis or Hakim anymore, we haven't got that pure speed guy who's also a really good receiver. But even so we have to try the downfield pass, then after we have completed one or two long passes over the top we can dink and dunk for 5 and 8 yards and they'll have to respect us more with their coverage.

    And of course the obvious: our O-line completely broke down when Pace left, Goldberg got manhandled at LT. If Pace is really out for a long time now (I PRAY that he is not!) then we need to move Barron over to cover the blindside, we also need Incognito back in the lineup, those things will help us some, but we still don't look too good even then. I think we've all found out who our least expendable guy is - it's not Bulger or Jackson it's Pace.

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    Will this team ever have luck when it comes to the Offensive line? I just knew this was going to happen again.


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