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    My Evaluation of the defense

    Defensive Philosophy and Coaching (A+++++) Better
    Anything is better then Marmie he was like the living dead. Haslett looks as though he is going to install an aggressive defense.

    Starters In Blue

    DE (Grade C+) Slightly Better
    It will be nice having Little mental free and concentrating on football. Hargrove along with Brandon Green having another year under their belts should help them. Adeyanju has the size and may prove to be a valuable backup. Littles age and the other sides inexperience brought down this grade.
    Little Adeyanju
    Hargrove Green

    DT (Grade B) Better
    The loss of Pickett was bad but Glover gives us a better pass rushing presence and the addition of Fisk will be a nice insurance policy in case Kennedy has problems. The drafting of Claude Wroten who some thought had 1st round potential should help strengthen the rotation.
    Glover Wroten Howard
    Kennedy Fisk

    Linebackers (Grade C+) 1/3 Better
    I like the addition of Witherspoon he is a good LB. We have better depth with Faulk, Coakley and the addition of Raonall Smith. I still am not sold on anyone other then Witherspoon. I like Pisa and think he is a good but not great player. Chillar and the SLB position I am concerned with.
    Chillar Smith
    Witherspoon Faulk
    Pisa Coakley

    CB (Grade B) Better
    Butler and Fisher both returning healthy will help add to the competition for the starting spots. Fakhir Brown was a nice addition this off season he brings good potential with starting experience. The CB starters are anyones pick. I picked Hill because he was our high number 1 pick and he has as good a chance as anyone. I picked Brown over Butler because until I see Butler going full speed and looking like the player he was before the injury then I am not going to pick him as the starter. Bartell may make the switch to safety IMO.
    Hill Fisher Bartell
    Brown Butler Groce

    S (Grade C+) Better
    Signing Chavous instead of Arch was a smart move IMO. I think him along with Atogwe will be an upgrade over Arch and Furrey. Atogwe has shown flashes but must now show consistency if he wants to take the starting position thats up for grabs. As for Chavous he may not be ranked among the top safeties but he is very consistent. I would not be surprised if toward the end of the season Bartell sees extended action at safety.
    Chavous Carter
    Atogwe Bartell
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    bubbaramfan Guest

    Re: My Evaluation of the defense

    Nice asessment. May I interject some thoughts? I am curious as to who (or "if) will step up and become a real leader on this D. Not since L Fletcher and D Farr left the team have the Rams had a real captain. A R Lewis type, someone who gets the juices flowing befor the game, a motivator. every good D has one. the Rams don;t (yet). The coaching will be better. Marmie had no gonads. No reprucussions of missed tackles. No intensity on the sideline. DE has more depth this yr. I hope Hargrove doesn't run himself out of plays as often. Wroten was a steal if this guy has put potsmoking behind him. LB depth really falls off after starters. This is going to be Rams biggest weakness I think. Can R Smith be the player everyone said he can be? Spoon is going to bethrust into leadership role.
    He's in the middle and will be calling plays. I hope this fits him. Backfield will be better, C Chavous is more consistent than Arch. Arch was no play caller, he sucked at it. Wish him well in Wash, but Chavous is upgrade. Can Butler get over injury bug? God I hope so, cause Rams need him, gets thin at CB after him. Alot of Intangebles out there, coaching, play caller, Inspriational leader, thses things have alot to do on how successful this D will be. Can;t possibly be worse than last year. Go Rams

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    Re: My Evaluation of the defense

    I actually feel much better about our linebackers than the line. Strongside LB is a concern, but I'm not as worried about it as I was before (going into the draft, I thought SLB was a high priority, first day need) for one simple reason: the coaches have been very aggressive in identifying and addressing the defense's weaknesses, and they seem to have confidence that Chillar fits the bill for what they need out of that position. Pisa and Will are both young guys who have been pretty successful so far. The depth isn't fantastic, but we could do worse than Coakley, T. Faulk, and R. Smith. I would actually consider our linebacker corps to be one of the defense's relative strengths at this point.

    The defensive line is a different story. Whereas our starting linebackers possess both youth and lots of starting experience (even Chillar has started 12 games in his 2 seasons in the NFL), most of our D-linemen have one or the other. Basically, the story is the same at DT and DE: 1 former Pro Bowler over 30, one young player in a make or break year, and 1 promising but raw rookie prospect (that I wouldn't expect too much out of just yet) as a backup. Then you've got backups Green and Fisk: again one lacking starting experience, the other combating age. I would say Green and Fisk are pretty comparable to Raonall Smith/Trev Faulk and Dexter Coakley. However, at least none of our primary backups in the linebacker corps are rookies, unlike the line with Adeyanju and Wroten in those roles.

    I think with our linebackers, there are less questions. Witherspoon and Pisa, especially, have been consistently good, and the best may still be yet to come. I think Glover will look better back in a 4-3, but how much better? Are we going to see the Little that put up 7 sacks in 16 games in 2004 or the Little that put up 12.5 sacks in 12 games in 2003? We just have to cross our fingers that Hargrove and Kennedy are going to improve next year.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: My Evaluation of the defense

    How in the world can you evaluate a defense you have NEVER SEEN? Come on....I know you're eager, as I am, but holy smokes, let's wait until the preseason at least!!!!

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    Re: My Evaluation of the defense

    Quote Originally Posted by bigredman
    How in the world can you evaluate a defense you have NEVER SEEN? Come on....I know you're eager, as I am, but holy smokes, let's wait until the preseason at least!!!!
    If you have something better to talk about then football at this slow time please start the thread. I am talking about the players and my opinions on the players. Thats all it is because it is always one persons opinion until you play the games. People always talk about who we should draft or trade for that they think could help upgrade a position. That is their opinion until we find out for real when they play the games. Its not that far of a stretch to think Kennedy, Atogwe, and Hargrove should improve some because of their added experience. Its also not a far fetch to think that Glover will get more pressure on the QB then any DT we had last year. Its not to far of a stretch to think that Witherspoon is a better LB then Claiborne. Its not a far stretch to think that having Little potentialy for all 16 games without legal or family issues will help. Its all talking football and as I pointed out its My opinion. Do you just stop thinking about football in the offseason? Because I still think about the moves we make as we build our team and does it look like we are improving the team.
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    Re: My Evaluation of the defense

    Quote Originally Posted by bubbaramfan
    Can;t possibly be worse than last year. Go Rams
    Circa 2004, 2005 and now 2006. I have heard a lot of Rams fans say this every year. How do we know? We don't. my hypothesis is thus. a lot ofpeople get caught up in the Hype. Me personally, i hope, dear god I hope we do better. It seems as if we've added some talent. as of now, I'll say that we could be worse than last year. my belief is that we won't, but there's no way oof telling, IMO.

    Have a good one!


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    bigredman Guest

    Re: My Evaluation of the defense

    Its one thing to speculate who we should draft, trade, cut, sign to make us better. Its another thing to speculate on how these players will perform in a scheme we've never seen. I'll admit, its probably the framing of the issue that's got my panties in a wad more than anything you said. That I blame on my anal retentive legal mind. Pat me on my head, and send me on my way.

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    Re: My Evaluation of the defense

    I can appreciate fans being optimistic about the team, it's what makes us fans well, fans. However, this defense is about as unknown as 90% of the ocean floor. It will only come to light as how good/bad this defense is really in week 1 against the Broncos. That O line is solid, they always have a strong running game, and they have improved their passing game so it should be a solid test.


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