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    My Exclusive Interview With HC Steve Spagnuolo

    I recently had an opportunity to sit down with the Rams' new Head Coach. Here's what he had to say:

    BM: "Thanks for being here, coach."

    SS: "My pleasure... um... I'm sorry, is it Barry?"

    BM: "Very funny. You know who I am."

    SS: "No, seriously. Is it Barry? Barney?"

    BM: "Its Bernie. So, coach... I recently noted in one of my articles about how you are a bit uptight as a new coach. How long do you think it will be before you're comfortable as the Head Coach?"

    SS: "Um... I really don't know what you are talking about."

    BM: "Right. What about how you won't let Jim Hanifan in the weight room? Or how you have restricted the access to parts of the Rams' headquarters? Don't you think that comes accross as a bit paranoid?"

    SS: "Not at all. Being a well-organized team is the goal here. That means there have to be some rules."

    BM: "Okay... but when those rules keep the media from going where they want, when they want, doesn't the invite criticism from the press?"

    SS: "If I worried about that I wouldn't have lasted very long in New York."

    BM: "Okay... if you say so. What about the draft. Pretty big mistake to pass on Mark Sanchez."

    SS: "Really? How many Pro Bowls has he been to?"

    BM: "Well... none... but..."

    SS: "... and Marc Bulger, he's been to how many?"

    BM: "Two. But that's not the point. Don't you think that the Rams needed to make the 'sexy' pick?"

    SS: "I don't know how 'sexy' it would have been to take Sanchez and have him sit the bench for the next year or two. I think fans find winning 'sexy,' and to win you need a good O line."

    BM: "Okay, but don't the Rams have too many needs to really improve much? I mean, look at all the holes."

    SS: "What I see are some established players, some up and coming guys, and some young players who have some talent. Our job is to get them all playing together and to the best of their abilities. If that happens, the wins will come."

    BM: "I get it, that's the party line. But admit it, you don't really like what Devaney did in the draft, and John Shaw is meddling again, isn't he. There's a growing rift, right?"

    SS: "I'm sorry, what media outlet are you with?"

    BM: "The Post-Dispatch."

    SS: "Oh. For a second I thought that you were with some High School version of the National Enquirer. To answer your question... no. Bill and I work very well together, and Mr. Shaw is really not involved. You need to get better sources."

    BM: "Sources?"

    SS: "You know... sources. People who have credible information that allow you to report facts?"

    BM: "Uh... yeah.... I have no idea what you are talking about now."

    SS: "Are we done?"

    BM: "Well... I did want to ask you some questions about players who might still be loyal to Jim Haslett and how that will undermine your efforts."

    SS: "In other words... we're done. Nice talking to you, Barney."

    BM: "ITS BERNIE!!!"

    SS: "Whatever."
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    Re: My Exclusive Interview With HC Steve Spagnuolo

    I wish BernieM would contribute more often.

    I so enjoy these real, hard-hitting interviews, as otherwise we would not know what is really going on.

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    Re: My Exclusive Interview With HC Steve Spagnuolo

    Who's bernie? Really. Is it that weird looking dude on stl today? Or is this just a joke?

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    Re: My Exclusive Interview With HC Steve Spagnuolo

    man this guy has way too much spare time.
    the real bernie miklasz is a writer for the stlouis post dispatch and does a radio show on 101 espn and he's not that much of a douche lol

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    Re: My Exclusive Interview With HC Steve Spagnuolo

    hmm this reminds me of that time in the jungle with the scorpions. shhh.... i've said to much.

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