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Thread: My Exclusive Interview With Sam Bradford

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    My Exclusive Interview With Sam Bradford

    BM: "How are you doing, Sam."

    SB: "Mr. Hill! Great to meet you. I loved you in Get Him to the Greek!"

    BM: "Um... what?"

    SB: "Aren't you Jonah Hill?"

    BM: "Uh... no. I'm Bernie Miklasz, the sportswriter. You must have heard of me."

    SB: "Sorry, I haven't. But don't worry. I don't read a lot of newspapers. The only one I really read is the Post-Dispatch."

    BM: "I work for the Post-Dispatch."

    SB: "Really?"

    BM: "Anyway... why don't we get started. With the new season coming up, you must be working hard with new Rams' Offensive Coordinator, Josh McDaniels. What's it like working with him?"

    SB: "Um... I only met with Coach McDaniels once a few months ago. I haven't seen him since then because of the loc---"

    BM: "---WHAT?!?!!? You haven't met with him in months!?! The preseason is starting in a couple of weeks and you haven't even met with your new coach? How can that be?"

    SB: "Well, I couldn't meet with him because--"

    BM: "--Oh, I see what's going on. You win the Offensive Rookie of the Year and now your a big shot. I guess you don't think its necessary for you to practice and learn the new offense. I have to say, Sam, its disappointing to see you lose your humility this early in your career."

    SB: "I don't think you understand. Of course I would have liked to have spent the last few months learning the new offense, but it just wasn't possible--"

    BM: "--Oh, I get it. Too busy chasing models and actresses and developing reality TV shows, right? Or maybe you've been doing fashion shoots like Mark Sanchez. I guess all that talk about you being a humble, small-town guy was just talk."

    SB: "You're not serious are you? You are aware of the lockout, right?"

    BM: "Yes, I see you've grown you're locks out. Who do you think you are, Tom Brady?"

    SB: "No, I mean the NFL lockout."

    BM: "Come again?"

    SB: "The lockout? You know... the labor dispute that has prevented players and coaches from having contact for the last several months?"

    BM: "Now you're just making stuff up, right?"

    SB: "Are you sure you're not Jonah Hill?"

    BM: "NO, I'M NOT JONAH HILL!!!!!!"

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    Re: My Exclusive Interview With Sam Bradford

    You know... Sam may have a point here...

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    Re: My Exclusive Interview With Sam Bradford

    lol ... they are twins ...

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    Re: My Exclusive Interview With Sam Bradford

    Put down the Geoffrey & stroke the furry wall, Miklasz. It's waaaay too early in the season to be this out of it. Maybe your blood sugar is low as well; try a doughnut suppository.

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