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    My experience in Portland for the game...

    Hi everyone... longtime reader who doesn't post much here mostly due to time constraints. I had a fun experience with the Rams-Hawks game last weekend even though I didn't get to watch the game at all.

    I'm a freshman at Claremont McKenna College this year and a member of the football team (NCAA Division 3). Our team was playing Lewis and Clark college, which is near Portland, so we were spending sunday in portland. Alot of the people at my school (which is just outside of Los Angeles) are from the Seattle area, and naturally, alot of them are Hawks fans. Declaring myself a Rams fan early on, I took all kinds of heat from seahawks fans on the team about how great their team is, etc, etc. (and had to put up with their silly 4-0 record vs our 2-2...)

    So we're in the Portland area for the game and all the seahawks fans on the team are calling their friends to check the score, talking trash, etc. The score was something like 24-7 at halftime (we didn't get that many updates as we had a practise of our own and were exploring a mall in portland which lacked a good sports bar to watch the game in), so most of them said a few final words of smack-talk and assumed that the game was over. Well, later that afternoon, I call my brother back in Los Angeles and ask him to tell me the score of the game from, assuming that the Rams lost. He reads me 33-27 Rams, so I assumed that he must be referring to the wrong game, but finally, I realize he wasn't. Elated, I go back and proceed to rub the OT comeback victory in the face of all the stupid seahawks fans for the flight home and the previous couple days.

    anyway, it was better in person than the story sounds I guess.

    Go Rams!


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    Re: My experience in Portland for the game...

    Nothing beats getting the last laugh!

    Glad you had a good time.
    Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster

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    Re: My experience in Portland for the game...

    I've got a similar story from last weekends Seahawks game.
    It's the 21st annual fall bird hunting weekend, but Sundays we're at camp for the only game in town, the Patsies. Knowing I'm the only Rams fan out of the 9 of us, I get it all game..... Patsies win, 19 games, yada, yada, yada. The race is now on and it drives me out to my pickup, for the espn radio highlites of the 4:00 games. By the middle of the third quarter, I come in to refresh my cooler and they all know the Rams are down big. 19 in a row, pick a real team.... and so on. I get back in my truck and I can't get the station to come in, period. Any sports station for that matter, and im just a little peeved. I'm glad I have some great buddies to sooth my aching soule... mutter, mutter.
    I'm driving home from camp and still trying to get the final score on any sports station, thinking that they lost and probably by a bunch more than the 24-7 I last saw. Half way home on my 4 hour drive I get TSN radio with this, " next up Marc Bulger the winning QB from the St. Louis Rams". Keeping my truck on the road for the next 15 seconds was a chore to say the least.
    All my buddies got a very nice phone call thanking them for thier support.

    At least the game was taped and it was a joy to watch it, knowing it was a great outcome.

    Thanks fer listnen.

    Maineram :ramlogo:

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    Re: My experience in Portland for the game...

    Good stories guys. Thanks for sharing. Gotta love the digs that your buds will give you, especially if your team is losing at the moment.

    We talk a lot of football at work and you would think that I owned the Rams for the amount of comments that I get. They are pretty easy on me though since none of them are from rival teams.

    I found it funny that one of the guys that plays on my soccer team started talking about Dane Looker, and Archuleta. He had done some research on the Rams and found Dane cool because we have a Dane on our team and he liked Arch for his workout program. This is from a diehard Redskin fan. I guess they need something else to think about at this point in the season.

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    Re: My experience in Portland for the game...

    All great stories guyz... I have a feeling this won't be the last time we get a post on that great game, considering we all have our own little version of it. But I guess it doesnt matter where you were, who you watched it with, or what you did to celebrate... in the end... it was just an amazing game played by an amazing team (the RAMS of course! not those crappy Seagulls )

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