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    My Good, bad and ugly

    This game wasn't as big of a blowout as it may seem.

    The Good: Special Teams
    - How long has it been where our special teams coverage teams held a team to a 21 yard average kick return, and didn't allow the opponent to return one punt? The special teams was outstanding not allowing anything and swarming to the returner and actually tackling them and cutting off every cut back lane they have? The coverage was amazing. The Kickreturing was good too, Dante was close to returning one all the way but was caught from behind, never had a 29 yard return average, amazing. Punt returning we didn't have one..

    The Bad: Defense
    - Ok, the Run Defense wasn't as terrible as it may seem, they had 59 rushing yards in the 4th Quarter with about 5 minutes to go. We didn't allow much of any big runs the game, the longest we allowed was 20 yards. Alot of the yards came in the 4th Quarter when our defense was wore down and tired from being on the field all game. The pass defense gave up one big play, was the TD to Steve Smith. Tye Hill stumbled or else I believe would have challenged the catch and tipped it or atleast taken him down not allowing the touchdown. Defense played average for the most part.

    The Ugly: Offense
    - The first drive was great, we were driving down the field and Jackson was looking to have a huge game, stopped at the goaline and we threw a quick slant to Torry Holt for the touchdown, the next few drives and leading upto the end of the half were nice drive but we couldn't capatalize. Then came the 2nd half, we played absolutely horrendous. Jackson got shut down, and you can say it was his fault but he was meet almost every run at the line of scrimmage, the Offensive Line was terrible. Bulger was way off this game overthrowing much of the game to wide open recievers such as a much needed first down where he was way off on a wide open and I mean not a defender in sight around him for 10 yards Bruce. We didn't look deep, the longest pass was 18 yards which is unexcusable. I mean we have Holt/Bruce/McMichael that could have had far longer than that but we DIDN'T LOOK DOWNFIELD and often checked down and did little dig routes and slant routes. The ugliest thing was when Dante Hall had that amazing return and the Rams couldn't capatilze on GREAT field position.

    Special Teams: A
    Defense: C
    Offense: D-
    Coaching: D+

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    Re: My Good, bad and ugly

    It's inexcusable in the NFL today to not look downfield. It keeps the defense honest, not to mention that Holt and Bruce have a 50-50 chance of catching anything that comes near them. Who was calling the plays yesterday? It seems like it was a Linehan day from the results.


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