The good:

Wilkins: "Money". Not only is the guy dependable from any distance, I would go as far as to say that Jeff Wilkins is the best tackling kicker the NFL has ever seen. (He get's many chances to prove this on a team where he is forced to make 10% of the tackles on kick-offs.)

Bulger: I'm a believer. Still hate Martz for getting rid of Warner, but barring injuries, Bulger is a top 5 QB.

Offense: No reason why they shouldn't pick up where they left off.

The Bad:

Coaching: That game was poorly coached on defense. While the Rams tried to "contain" Vick by putting extra guys on the ends of the line, the Falcons ran right up the gut, and by having extra guys on the ends, there was nobody behind the line in the middle. Once past the D'line, the runners were gone. If they had stuck with what they've been doing the last few games, they very likely would have had much more success, but changed what they do to try to contain Vick and it cost them. Easy for me to say in retrospect, but it cost the Rams the game....Billicheck would have came up with the right plan, right? The Falcons aren't quite as good as our overpursuing defense and special teams made them out to be.

Theme of the year: the linebackers are too small. 2 new Big LB's and the "D" is ok. I still lean towards finding a D' coordinator that could run a 3-4 with zone blitzing, since the rams have a lot of "tweeners". Would have worked great in this game, but either way, need a big MLB, and really 2, if we commit to Tinoisamoa. Chillar seems like a keeper as a backup.


Special Teams: Put this solely on Mike Martz. Forget time-outs, and game day decision blunders, this guys biggest mistake to date is to not put the necessary time and resources towards special teams. Sure, fire the ST coach, and even the D' Coordinator, but teams take on the personality of their coach, and Martz will need to change his ways when it comes to discipline and the "little things", which do make a difference.

I don't think they're too far off personell-wise, but need to start to morph from the "speed is more of a concern than size"/Lovie Smith defense, to more of a "speed on the outside, size in the middle" team.