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    My keys to the game add yours.

    We canít turn it over and expect to win on the road.

    Stop the run at all cost, get 8 in the box and run blitz, play the run first.

    Make Seneca Wallace beat us with his arm not his legs.

    Score TD not FG and take the crowd out of the game; they have a great 12th man.

    Add yours

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    Hawkfandyno Guest

    Re: My keys to the game add yours.

    Rams have to protect Bulger. Seattle is second in the nfl in sacks. Peterson accounting for 8 of them alone. The more sacks that the Rams allow, the louder the crowd will get.

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    Re: My keys to the game add yours.

    1)solid tackling...the best remedy to aide an ailing defense...

    also the best defense against a dink & dunk offense that is the westcoast offense...

    2)some semblance of a pass rush...i'd take any...

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    Re: My keys to the game add yours.

    no sacks allowed to a 3 man rush!! composure by barron and co.limit false starts!! avoid 2nd & 3rd & long!! win the turnover battle!! get pressure from someone besides little(he could use some help) and oh yea dont play t.fisher!! sorry i couldnt resist piling on this guy!!

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    Re: My keys to the game add yours.

    I like the ones mentioned above, I'll just add a few more.

    Running the ball 30+ times.

    More serious involvement in the passing game of people other than Bruce and Holt...this means Curtis, Mcdonald, and Klop getting a combined 10 or more passes thrown their way.


    A productive kick return game from Reed, I know he can do it, and I'm glad he got another turnovers on KR or PR.

    Put Wallace on his back, many, many, many times.

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    Smile Re: My keys to the game add yours.

    Here is what I posted about 'key points' to the game from an earlier thread I started. I would've just simply posted the address to that, but apparently the system doesn't allow that, as I am still new here.

    So once again, here are my key points to the game.


    1. Keep up the heat on Bulger
    2. Secondary must improve on coverage, especially Holt
    3. Offense must improve scoring - only 1 TD against the Raiders
    4. Force turnovers and capitalize on them.

    St. Louis

    1. Ignore crowd noise and focus on Bulger's calls
    2. Exploit weaknesses of Seahawks secondary
    3. Exploit weaknesses of an 'improved but not there yet' Seahawk offensive line.
    4. Three words (ties in with #2) - Bulger to Holt

    Final Score:

    Seahawks 20
    Rams 17

    Go Seahawks!


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