It's time for Av to bring on SLOP. That's right, I'm asking him to get S.L.O.P. on track for this year - officially. Why? I saw a team out there today that had flashes of greatness. Each time something great happened, the team was fired up, the crowd got loud, and then someone called a bonehead play.

As Head Coach, it's Linny's job to get the team prepared to play.

He is not doing his job. If someone does not do their job, FIRE THEM.

Those flashes of greatness I saw? Those should happen a lot more often. These guys have talent. A LOT of talent. And Bartell? He looked like a B+ player out there most of the first half!

The crowd? They turned on the team as soon as they saw that we might not make it back to win. Way to go, guys. Support your team while they are doing good, but the second they look like they aren't Super Bowl material, turn your backs. Yeah, that's the way to turn your team around.

All I can say is this:

"You wanna Fire Linny's arse? Then fire his arse!!!!"