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Thread: My Messsage to Isaiah Pead

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    My Messsage to Isaiah Pead

    Dear Isaiah,

    You may not realize it, but you are lucky.

    About 18 months ago, you were selected in Round 2 of the draft. Since then, things have not gone well for you. You were beaten out by a 7th round pick, played sparingly in your rookie year, had a rough preseason to start year 2, and had to sit during opening week due to a suspension.

    For some players, that would be the end.

    Fortunately, fate and circumstance have smiled upon you.

    As you return to the Rams, the RB spot is a state of flux. Daryl Richardson, the presumptive starter, sustained a minor injury. His backups in Week 1 had a pedestrian outing.

    What this means is simple. You are going get an opportunity to show what you can do.

    Now is the time for you to take full advantage. I believe that you have the talent to succeed, but you need to execute.

    If you do, it won't be long before your past is forgotten. The NFL has a short memory, after all.

    Good luck.
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    Re: My Messsage to Isaiah Pead

    I will second that. Pead dodged a bullet if Stacy would have been used down in the redzone and scored he might have closed the door on Pead. D-Rich looked good but I think he's hurt. He looked so much slower after he came back in the game Sunday.

    I know I'm in the minority but I think Pead has shown he can be a very good weapon if used right. Use him in the passing game and run him outside period. Stop asking him to do what he's just not good at like running between the tackles and KR. Pead in space is as dangerous as D-Rich IMO.

    Pead is like Quick, they both need to taste some success.

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    Re: My Messsage to Isaiah Pead

    If Pead doesn't step it up with whatever chance he gets this Sunday and beyond, he just doesn't want it. It's apparent he has the talent, now he simply needs to take advantage of this opportunity. NO excuses, just do it.

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    Re: My Messsage to Isaiah Pead

    I had thought it would be Bates [rather than Stewart] that would be 'moved' in order to accommodate Pead but it seems this LB, Bates, is making a good impression as well.

    Now Pead ... show us what you're really made of and RUN!
    The above was my message to Pead yesterday.

    Today, with this thread on IP, let's hope he does get THE message!

    Must send thread to Pead by Friday p.m.

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    Re: My Messsage to Isaiah Pead

    I can only reflect on the feeling I have everytime he touches the ball...Something bad is about to happen...This guy hasnt done ANYTHING to validate being picked as a second rounder. If he is going to turn it around..This is the game....Im am preordering the alka seltzer just in case
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    Re: My Messsage to Isaiah Pead

    My message; Hey kid, you are a Ram. Time to play like you can and help this team move to the next level.

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    Re: My Messsage to Isaiah Pead

    Absolutely, its time to show us what ya got! Don't over think it, just hit the hole and run. Oh, and hold on to the football.

    Go Rams!

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