I hope for and expect a better offensive performance, but if Pace is out we may not score a touchdown at all. This score also assumed Romo will play. Which I believe he will. Dallas, has a LOT O' WEAPONS. I just wanna see us keep it close and that's what I have us doing. Jason Whiten scares the hell outta me.

But the offense has to step it up, I don't care WHO THE QB IS and how much he's getting paid. If the line can't give Bulger or Green time, why not put in the young kid at QB? We need more athleticism in those situations.

I saw a lot of the same mistakes and bad play calling against Washington, but the ball seemed to bounce our way for a change. The difference was our defensive line owned the Washington line. Our bad play calling is being influenced by Bulgers' inability to throw basic NFL caliber passes in my opinion. He's scared and throwing with poor mechanics, and his timing is non-existant - It's hard to watch.

In order to win this game, we need to spread the ball around and go 3 and 4 wides. Our defense needs to do what they did last week. Strip the ball and knock ppl OUT. Ron Bartell is playing well right now..

In the end this game comes down to our offenses ability to keep up with the Cowboys. I'll believe we can do that when I see it. Rams lose 21 - 31